[NGS] Atrocious freezes

Hey, I played the CBT for the 2 days it was live and the game did run very smoothly with ultra settings on my computer. Now into the final product I can't play more than 3 seconds withous atrocious freezes (not fps drops, when the game doesn't freeze it runs well) and I tried every settings, even the lowest, it doesn't change anything.

There is no way for me to enjoy this game in this situation. I've been searching for an answer on the internet but other players seem to have the same issue as me. Are the devs going to fix it or should I just stop playing PSO2:NGS because it doesn't match my hardware ?

NVIDIA GTX 1070 | AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | 16Gb RAM I expect it to be enough for this game.

I guess it's a bug from the game and not my computer, I've heard you changed the way the game loads since CBT but I don't know where this come from, all I know is that this bug is really annoying.

They posted stuff on twitter about lag issues -

Acknowledgement: https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1403150880694628353

Maintenance: https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1403321351486668802

Pretty sure they're not talking about lag. They're talking about the NGS program becoming completely unresponsive.

One moment, the game is running just fine. The next moment, a complete freeze, not lag.

This also happens frequently to me and my friend. If you wait long enough, Windows displays a dialog box that reads:

pso2.exe is not responding

If you close the program, you might lose information.

-> Close the program

-> Wait for the program to respond.

I'm currently experiencing this issue on 3 computers. It only seems to happen on one of them if a different window has focus. I'll go back to NGS and see it's frozen. The only way to fix it is to close the game and open it again.

NGS will freeze on the other 2 computers even when it has focus.

I am having similar issues on Steam. Not just NGS either but regular PSO2. No matter my settings it will just randomly freeze so hard I have to reset my computer. I know my hardware is good enough to run it. NGS even suggests the "Super" setting for the graphics. However, I play for about ten-twenty minutes and BOOM it freezes. I know it isn't that there are to many things going on in terms of fights as well. The last freeze happened while I was sitting in town and I had just equipped a new piece of armor. It isn't a bad sector on the hard drive since I have tried multiple and it is still the same problem. The weird thing I guess is that no matter what when I try to verify the files through steam it always wants to redownload them. So IDK what the hell to do now. I am at least glad I am not the only one with this kind of issue cause I hope that means someone will find a way to fix it.

Hey, I've encountered the same problem as you guys since launch, and it sucks that this freezing problem keeps happening even on title screen. It took me a long damn while to create my old character because of it.

I'm not good in game fixes, but through some annoying trial and error, I found that:

  • limiting the fps to 30
  • setting the game to the lowest windowed resolution
  • graphics preset has no effect

finally prevented the game from freezing. It definitely is a bummer playing at 30 fps and a small window screen.. but those of who are desperate enough can try this out till someone figures out a proper fix. Hope anyone is able to use this information to find the solution, cheers!

UPDATE: So... I feel pretty dumb. Turns out, its not just PSO2 freezing, other games have been crashing as well. I messed around my PC that I shouldn't go into detail, but long story short, I finally figured out that it was my GPU being overclocked that is causing these game freezes. So either reset your overclocking or turn off MSI Afterburner and it might work for you guys. Cheers!

Just tried your fix. It froze while I was in my storage. T-T I really hope they can figure out what is going on and patch it.

None of my computers are overclocked. None of my computers have afterburner installed. I performed full re-formats of my storage drives and performed fresh installs of Windows 10 to play PSO2/NGS. My systems are as close as you can get to just being stock Windows and PSO2/NGS.

My OS never freezes or acts abnormal. Only PSO2/NGS freezes. It will freeze regardless of CPU and GPU load. I've had it freeze when running on the lowest settings. The CPU was around 13% utilization, and the GPU was around 15% utilization. Ambient air temperature was around 72 F degrees.

@Frost0neGaming said in [NGS] Atrocious freezes:


Are you using ASUS laptop? i have the same issued, go to MyAsus, power setting the charging mode 80% set to 100%

@Frost0neGaming said in [NGS] Atrocious freezes:


Are you using ASUS laptop? i have the same issued, go to MyAsus, power setting the charging mode 80% set to 100%

This has nothing to do with it, and 100% will tank your battery's life span by 50%., compared to 80%. Don't give bad advice.

When your craptop is plugged in it does not draw from battery, and state of charge is irrelevant. It is likely a hardware instability, or driver issue. These types of issue tend to crop up from not clean installing GPU drivers, especially with AMD.

You should always post hardware specs/driver versions when complaining about things with a high probability to be a driver issue (gpu, audio, and maybe network interface)

Personally I've had issues where even clean installing GPU driver isnt enough, you need to clean install OS. This kind of thing happens more after a GPU or mobo swap, but isn't guaranteed. Windows 10 forces frequent OS reinstalls on us via feature upgrades, and can also cause the issue. Basically I'm saying... see if a clean reinstall of Windows fixes it, if you've swapped hardware, or installed a Windows Version (feature) update. If you're overclocked, shame on you, I learned that was a waste of time when I was a kid 15 years ago lol

I've actually been having this problem myself now. I got myself a Dell XPS13 recently and actually plays the game pretty decently on medium settings without the need of a eGPU. However, after about a good 20-30 min of game play the client randomly freezes and have no choice but to close it.

Pretty bummed out as the game itself runs fine but just randomly locks up. Fearful this will happen during a urgent quest or important boss.

Another bump as this happens on my main gaming rig PC as well. This is the second time it's happened during an Urgent Quest and has happened two other times during normal game play.

Gaming Rig is a 5800 Ryzen CPU, GTX 1080

Anyone found a fix yet? Having the same issue, but for me it only happens when I talk to NPC's - Like the Class Skill NPC / Weapon Upgrade / Cooking NPC.

I updated my nvidia driver to the latest (22th of june) recently and did a clean install - still same stuff happening sadly.

i5 9600K - RTX 2060 - 16GB RAM

Bump bump

Another bump. Tried doing two emergency quests and both crashed. This happens on multiple machines. Is there not going to be a fix for this??

466.11 is stable on my 2080 ti.