System chat spam filter, account wide story progress, party anywhere, no forced singleplayer

Now I had a few more, but they were already covered in someone else's post.

Character and System spam

  • Messages clogging my chat log.
  • In Classic PSO2, we had the ability to turn these off from the "all" chat.
  • I am one who likes to have alliance, local, group, party, and whispers all in one visable window.
  • I end up missing conversation because System decided to flood my log with things I don't NEED to know, or already know because it's displayed in game in some other form. (leveling up taking up like... 6 lines of chat)

Alt character Story progress

  • One of the things I liked in classic PSO2, was I didn't need to do the story and progress. But even then, once would be enough. but now I have to complete the story for EACH of my characters to unlock everything.
  • Honestly would be nice to just have a character I can just go about and explore and not have to run around doing fetch quests for EACH character. Yes, I know how the mechanics work now, don't need to repeat them every time!

Party anywhere

  • It's really annoying trying to get with friends. Not only do I have to be in the same block, but we have to all be together just to do so. Friend is out doing things, I'd like to go out and join them!

No Forced single player

  • ... it's an MMO, I'm here to play with friends, but some missions force me to leave party, this is a trope that I have not liked in recent MMOs lately. Let us do it together, even if they're in the background or not show at all, but can still join the mission.
  • Wouldn't be much of an issue if the story was optional... like classic PSO2

the weapon camo was a confirmed bug that's still being fixed

@zakingtiger yup, I'll probably take it off my list, since it is confirmed bug.

@Katilist You can already stay party linked while doing story quests. Already tested that out with my friend on launch.

I play for the story and prefer singleplayer games, so I disagree with that last one. I think it'd interfere with the story.

@Anarchy-Marine but you don't get to do it together.

@sonic65101 I'm not saying to force multiplayer, merely not force me to do something solo, for the sake of some arbitrary story. Especially when it's required to proceed with content. I don't care if they're discluded from cutscenes, just let us play together, unlock the content together. I'm all for still allowing someone to play solo if they really want, just not force it.