Showcase your Symbol Arts!

I don't remember if I posted these here, or somewhere, but I have a few (with timelapses showing their creation)

Futaba Cut-in: pso20200520_193647_002.jpg Afin, mate!: alt text

Wanna...get zappy?: alt text

Raphtalia - Pout: alt text

Other ones I made that don't have timelapses would be these ones:

Get naked! alt text

Morgana - Go to sleep alt text

Just Monika alt text

Big the Cat alt text

I've made more than this too, and I plan to make some more (of stuff I feel like making).

I made a character from jojo, very proud of it! I know its not the prettiest symbolart but I just love poping this image up on fitting occasions,

Namnlös.jpg I also did a dodo version because they look so much alike xD Namnlös2.jpg

I want to make a commission for a few symbol Art, would anyone take my request?

I don't have many symbol arts there. I'm not an artist either, you can tell that from seeing that first one. The other 2 were commissions I asked to Goblene (character name) from Ship 2. I asked Goblene to make me a family portrait for my ARKS id card, and as bonus I won a Goblin Rare!

Captura de Tela (656).png

Hrm. I've been dabbling with the wants and ways of SA over the last year. A pain to be sure, but pretty fun when it all comes together. For examples.. hm. Here's a few. Elder01.png Symbol Art v2.2 Comp.png Photon NotSoArt.png

ZOMG!! "If you don't {*} you'll {}!!!" 😹 😹 😹

So fucking good!! 😻

o/ =^.^=

Couple more made over the last month and a half. Really, almost is possible so long as you are willing to keep bashing your head repeatedly at the SA process. Maktak 01.png Pyr 01.png photEX05.png

some of my SA, hope you like it. iam still a beginner.


alt text


alt text

Vanilla & Chocola:

alt text


alt text


alt text

Headpats v.2

alt text

I Want Headpats:

alt text

NGS Logo:

alt text

These two were requested by my bf xD

His character (based on a drawing I made for him, I'm really proud of this one): imagen_2021-04-21_090047.png

His god, the kebab:


My character:

Dead and revived (old ones and remakes): imagen_2021-04-21_084917.png

Good job!


Pikachu meme but it's me lol