[SPOILERS] Force targeting problem (spoilers for battle power 950 fight)

Probably best explained by a screenshot:

Force spell not hitting the lock target

Anyone knows what the problem is? The charged ice technique doesn't hit the lock-on part of the target here. Is this just an innate characteristic of Barta? The left hand side screenshot shows how normal attack hits the locked-on part correctly.

This happens with Tech as well. But I noticed is probably because of how close you are to it. Today I tested it wit the same boss. if you get too close (relatively mind you) it targets a lower part, if you take a few steps back it targets again the correct one. Tested it multiple times. And it's probably the same as my own post about how it switches target/mob randomly with no input on my side (before you actually kill it, that would be normal...but I didn't kill it yet when it switches).

There's also an issue where Talis techs/attacks also have a maximum angle it can attack, and it's lower/higher than a rod's attacks/techs. Which is very annoying.

I've had this issue as well. Or targeting fine at it for a while and then doing a charged attack or Photon Blast and instead of continuing to target down, it shoots over it...

I think the only thing that's annoyed me more is the neutral slam attack as half the point of playing the class is not being on the ground... -_- And Neutral Attacks are the best way to regain PP.

Yeah, I don't think it is necessarily targeting another spot. I think there is a maximum angle which barta can be fired at. I have a habit of jumping in the air and floating for days while raining techs on some larger bosses and sometimes barta will overshoot them if I'm too high.

I can't say I've experienced this with Foie but I generally am not as high in air against mobs that I use Foie against. Charged Foie on the other hand, can get stuck on objects between you and the target and will explode prematurely(sometimes hitting other targets) as a result. And zonde is well, zonde.

As far as random targeting, if my target dies and I don't realize it, i turn my character and end up launching the tech into the nothingness behind me.(I've gotten into the habit of releasing my techs while moving to the side for the side movement.) Or it targets something else randomly. Also it's a bit frustrating how trying to change the lock on target does indeed seem to flick around randomly. I'll lock onto a boss's foot, press up to get to the chest/head/weak point and suddenly be fighting one of the many attending trash mobs.

@Princesse-Jen The key here is to make sure you release the jump button before you begin attacking with the rod bullet.

Interesting. Thanks for all the input. It never occurred to me to check the angle.

I also find it quite difficult to try locking onto something very high up in the air. Target lock seems to have a mind of its own and deliberately try to lock on to stuff far away behind the enemy right in front of the player. 😞

This also occurs with one of the launcher PAs. If I'm somehow to close or the target area is to close to the ground the PA will not hit the targeted area.

Just as a follow up to this, Zonde can actually get stuck on terrain if it is between you and your Target, just like Charged Foie. A little odd but not game breaking. Definitely took me a full bar of PP to realize I was striking the ground with lightning and not my target though. Lol.