Game crashes when I try to leave Central City

I got to the story quest where you have to go to Mt. Magnus and the game crashes the instant I leave the city. If I try to teleport out of the city, that crashes it too. This makes it impossible to continue the story and therefore unable to complete the campaign(s). The game also crashes if I try to go straight into NGS from the character selection screen (forcing me to start in classic PSO2 and then switch blocks) or if I go into the salon in NGS.

I'm playing on Steam and I even went as far as to verify the game's files which resulted in the entire game being re-downloaded and installed. Waited two hours for that to finish and it STILL crashes. I have the graphics turned down to the lowest possible setting (my computer is kinda old, and the graphics card is even older) and I added the game's .exe to my anti-virus exceptions, so I don't know what else could be causing this. I just want to complete the story/launch campaign and it's so frustrating that no one has an answer for this. Can anyone please help me? Should I resort to a complete uninstall and use the Tweaker instead?


I just spent a few hours trying to solve this exact issue on my fiance's pc. A friend of mine had a similar situation in base PSO2 and suggested that I delete the SEGA folder located in MY DOCUMENTS on your computer (Back it up if you have pictures!). This file is not the same as your installation folder, and doesn't get changed when you try to reinstall the game or fix the files. This fixed it for me and it's working now!

@TheShopK33p3r Uh... so I did that... and it gave me a prompt about linking my accounts. Did I just unlink my MS Store account from Steam? I'm scared...

EDIT: Ok, it turns out deleting the folder will cause that message to pop up because it treats it like a new install. My characters and account are fine, and NGS works now! Dare I say it runs better than it did before (though that could just be due to the maintenance, ha). Thanks so much!

Bumping this so people having this problem can find it since it worked for me when I had this issue.


You're my hero, literally. THANKS FOR NOTHING SEGA

Glad I bumped this so people can find it.

@Weirdo Yeah thanks for bumping before man, I'll try to tell others who had the same problem if I see it.