UI Suggestion: keyboard shortcut to "Task List"

Currently, we can set a short cut for "Quest Info", which I have not yet found a use yet, up to level 10 at the moment. What I find to need much more frequently is a shortcut for the "Task List" window, which is used to check on the Main, Side, Daily, Weekly, and Event tasks.

Please give us an option to set one of the window shortcuts to the Task List, so we don't have to go ESC > click on Tasks/Quests > click on Tasks.

Have you not checked the Controls settings? You can remap various shortcuts there. When the game's out of Maintenance of course.

@JoycieC Like the OP says, Task info is not an option. Instead there is Quest info which currently doesn't work. Are you saying you have a hotkey for task info? Can you share the screenshot?

Yep. Currently there are two ways to get into Task List:

  1. Main Menu > Tasks/Quests > Task List > shows Task List
  2. Main Menu > R > shows Task List

With how we'd be checking the Task List for dailies and weeklies, and for main and side tasks, I think it makes sense to give it a proper first-tier shortcut.