Bug with Premium Set or Misunderstanding?

So I saw that in System > Help > Game Guide > Items/Shops > The Salon, on page 2, it says:

"Paid customization options can be adjusted as many times as you like, as long as you have an active Premium Set."

And I thought nice I don't need Salon Passes anymore, and got Premium. Then tested a change in the Salon, but then I'm still met with the confirmation dialog box to pay SG.

What's am I not understanding about this?

So Premium is an actual item you have to use to activate under consumables once you buy it in New Genesis. Have you already activated it?

Yep. I've already activated it. The game shows my Premium Set expiry date properly.

Darn. Unfortunately that's the only thing I could think of. Seeing as how the Color-Passes aren't working for me I'd assume the salon is just having issues that will need to be fixed on Sega's end. Sorry boss.

Cool. As long as I'm not misunderstanding the text. Guess they really rushed NGS. 😞

It is likely that it is a poor translation and/or is missing some info. For reference to how Premium and the Salon worked in PSO2classic, if you used a paid Salon Pass (ie. an S Salon Pass from the SG Shop or by paying 100SG directly in the Salon), you would have a one hour period where you could go back and forth into the Salon making changes without having to pay again. If it is now "as long as Premium is active," then it might still need at least the initial 100SG payment.