I didnt want to report this but it had to be, 1st and foremost is i cant show a video of it cause it really crashes my xbox when i try to film and it doesnt save when it crashes, 2nd it also seem to appear on the UQ which is bothering for my part wherein i'm really grinding the game.

So on the story part, for the last wherein you have to beat Nex Aelio/Dragon, i fought going to him, so no problems there, for my 1st take i watched the whole scenario to feel the game and its characters. As Nex/dragon comes in it seemef fine, not until Dozer tries to show up rushing in and boom my console just turned off, to my head thinking it might be electriy was out but i was checking my surroundings no it wasnt, i tried turning on my xbox to my surprise it game me the prompt that my console didnt had ventilation which was a big wtf, cause my xbox is literally on a ventilated area like its the only thing there nothing near it, nothing closing the ventilation nothing. So not a major problem could be just one silly bug, but to my surprise i tried it 3 more times making it 4 that it always crashes on that very same scene on thw cutscene and will give me the same prompt on my xbox after the crash, on my 5th try, i tried to just skip the cutscene, to my suprise it worked was able to finish the story and got the items and the rewards no problem. Now like today June 11, 2021. My xbox crashed again giving me the same prompt as i was battle in UQ Nex Aelio/VeX/dragon that it crashed me again. I really enjoy this game after waiting for the sequal from pso2. Please i dont know whats the problem. I do hope it comes on a later patch or i dont know maybe on my part but thank you in advance if it does come.

What i'm using is an Xbox Series X not on alpha or beta just the retail and current version of it. On my settings in game the graphics is set to prioritize graphics.