Endless loading screen and failed to save setting

I have reinstalled pso2 ngs but it still stuck at the loading screen after character creation. Also, I can't save my environmental settings in my launcher, it will say failed to save settings, same thing happens with character creation file.

If your Documents folder is on One Drive, unsync it. The game can't save your settings or character data if the documents folder is on One Drive.

Any other advice on this? I have the same issue, sent in a ticket. Don't have my documents folder synced to One Drive, but I also don't see any Sega related folder made.

Have unlinked my folders to Onedrive completely too but did not work 😞

Also a small update, I contacted their customer support and they asked me to send dxdiag log and event viewer.

I found out that when I booted up PSO2 the event viewer will log an error:

0x800702E4: Cannot create the process for package 100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.23.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j because an error was encountered while launching. [LaunchProcess]

Unsure what this is, but its located within Windowsapp folder which installs MS Store applications. Maybe someone could shed some light further.

tried unlinking my onedrive and documents but I still couldn't save my settings. And I found that I don't have the SEGA folder in my documents, I tried reinstalling the game and changing the game install location from D : to C:, but still no SEGA folder. I wonder if this will affect my game.

i have the same problem, any solutions so far?