Can't start PSO2 NGS.

I can't start my PSO2 NGS. It always says this Error.


I've checked the System Requirements on the PSO2 Website and gave me this.


I've passed the minimum specifications and updated my Windows 10. My Specs are:




Thanks in advance for the help!

Looks like your CPU lacks AVX instructions. You'll need those to play now. Only way to fix it is to replace the CPU.

You need an Intel Core CPU that supports Socket LGA1151, such as the Intel Core i3-8300. The System Requirements Specifically state that AVX is required for the CPU and no Pentium series or Celeron Series CPU supports AVX. You need a second gen Core series Intel Processor, or I think it was 8th gen or newer Xeon series. You can easily search for the CPU's model on Google and open the Intel link that is normally first and scroll through the list to where it lists SSE , AVX, etc.

The Pentium G5400 don't have AVX... but you have a Socket LGA 1151... all iCore and Xeon in this Socket are compatible. Change The CPU for a i5, or Xeon. Check de Chipset support list for CPU.

Thank you Everyone for the help! 😁 😁 . Guess I cant play NGS until then.

@Chris-7 Your Processor need upgrade for better.