Is any of the NGS better than end games PSO 2 gear?

The rarity 4 NGS weapons and units are better in the long run. When you augment and enhance them to max they destroy the Klauz units and Lightweave weapons.

Thing is they cost sooooooooooo much to upgrade. You better have plenty of meseta before even attempting to get them to +40 and +20.

I had endgame gear, I'm level 12 and my NGS stuff is much better now that I've enhanced it. Just get the 3 piece set armor from the 3 hidden red boxes, pretty sure its the best Armor currently in the game and it surpasses PSO2 gear straight from the box. And you can equip it at level 12.

Ngs units can have more defense but they can't match the potency from legacy gear. Same with ngs weapons, my +40 Foursis rod with augments had 39 more attack than my kras but 6% less potency. Now with the best possible augments I can shave that down to 2-3% less potency. At max level for a force (idk if other classes have higher attack) 39 attack is 4.3%. So at best now we're assuming a max enhanced ngs weapon is 2.3% stronger before potential. At lvl 3 it's 23%. Which is the same as cras with its potential activated. HOWEVER, kras also ads 15% critical hit rate, and since crits add 20% dmg in this game that equates to 3% more effective potential.

Tldr: kras has a 0.7% higher avg dmg while potential is activated. In a long sustained fight it's potential is only available 67% of the time so it loses 2% avg dmg there leading a maxed Foursis rod to have a higher avg of 1.3% more dmg. Less pp, hp, lower dmg minimum, less resistance. That by no means blows kras out of the water, and ngs units don't hold a candle to the max potency legacy gear brings over. If you have a 4* with a lvl 4/5 fixa it will crawl ahead in dps a bit more. But don't sweat it, save your mats for next bunch of gear

Edit: I forgot about escalating pursuit, that adds 250 dmg every 10 seconds, legacy is better

@timmylaw This essentially summarizes things better than I was trying to say it earlier, but some of the old fifteen star weapons from the original game do retain their effects in a way such as the Klauz/Cras weapons still having the wing-opening potential and animations for when you do activate them correctly. The weapons in New Genesis are stronger by default if you didn't make godly units and weapons already - but if you did they definitely still hold their ground in New Genesis for the moment as they trade blows one way or another with the current strongest equipment.

This Link has a list of a lot of the potentials that do carry over and their special effects. Perhaps in the long run this won't exactly mean too much when New Genesis gets newer equipment but I do think it is interesting to note that New Genesis does not have equipment that mimics these effects just yet such as the Atlas EX still retaining their one-time Iron Will, the Ophistia gaining power based on your Photon Blast Gauge, the Trailblazer gaining PP Recovery boosts (instead of an instant PP reset like it used to be), and the Klauz weapons boosting power and the critical rate upon opening the weapons' potential.

So if you already had end-game gear from Phantasy Star Online 2 (assuming godly affixes that do carry over) and similarly affixed units you currently still do have a gearing advantage in terms of how things work in New Genesis outside of missing things like Multi-Weapons. I don't quite consider this problematic so far as resources are scarce in New Genesis and I cannot imagine going through the effort of trying to recreate my set of equipment for multiple classes so on my end my Gunner (Hero and Gunner from Phantasy Star Onine 2) is technically still complete - once I get to Level 15.

@VanillaLucia I'm currently making a Foursis that has lvl 4 fixa termina since I decided that was the best available potential, 14% crit potency will be quite nice during dmg phases when you're guaranteed to crit and I imagine we will get better augments before we get 5* gear (at least I'm praying that to be true, imagine getting 5* gear next week with the gigantics, so much salt community wide)

As for units I'm mildy disappointed since they can't come close to the highest caliber of legacy units, I feel that's unfair to new players tbh. Hopefully we start seeing more units with awesome powers (I cannot for the life of me remember what the red augments that are rarely on rare drops.)

Sure you can match them in potency and they'd have higher base defense but look at all the other stats you're forced to give up, all the hp, pp, resistance, dmg minimum. It really doesn't balance out atm. The higher defense is effectively canceled out by legacy higher resistance. Maybe there's a combo that involves a bit higher stats but that's too much min maxing for me this early on. Someone else can math that out cuz I don't think it'll be worth it.

Contrary to what people here have been saying, the base PSO2 gear is very, very good and in many ways superior to even the best gear currently (Qual de) 4* units can at most with whale affixes (Ael Domina, Might III, Formus Soul, and Mastery III) reach: 7% potency melee, 5% potency other type 1.5% pot floor 3.5% DR No PP, No HP 53 def (1% Melee 1% Ranged bonus on the units themselves) Per unit. The other setups would give you maybe +5 HP and -2% DR.

A single God Cras has: 6.75% potency all types. 3.75% pot floor 5.75% DR 28 def 17 HP 18 PP

This total means you are going 24% melee, 18% other, 4.5% pot floor, 10.5% DR, 0 HP 12 PP 159 Def. Against 20.25% all potency, 11.25% pot floor, 17.25% DR, 51 HP, 54 PP 84 def.

And that's with the most expensive affix set up in the game, and +40 grinds on all the Quals. So you're paying out insane amounts to only win by 3% across all units some defense, and lose out on potency floor, DR, HP, PP, and potency for multiple damage types. I'm not finding defense all that important, and the high DR on the units means I'm pretty happy with what I have anyway.

Weapons are a more reasonable argument, where my Foursis has 282 power and my Nodachi has 243. However, the nodachi also has an 8.5% potency bonus, and a 7% potency floor bonus over the Foursis. Combine my units with my weapon, and my Nodachi has almost 0 damage variance. Assuming it's additive, I have 96.25%-100% damage variance.

Frankly speaking, the only reason I have the Foursis is for the multi-weapon, and my PSO2 gear will remain relevant for a while. You have to overinvest incredibly to beat them out.

@timmylaw When it comes to the units, the main trouble then would be that you have to learn Phantasy Star Online 2's affixing which is much more complicated and grindy than how New Genesis handles it. If you can create a God Unit, then it definitely will stand up in New Genesis as a result but that's not something I would imagine a new player for either Phantasy Star Online 2 or New Genesis could just jump right into.

Perhaps it might be problematic with how easy it is to pick up something like Schvelle units and to slap them on in New Genesis compared to grinding out the earlier units in that game but then in New Genesis you have to level up to be able to equip those anyways (which by then you may end up with the four star units or the three star units instead by that point).

@VanillaLucia if you don't already have the max affixed units or the mission badges to get the capsules they can't readily be made any more so NGS has that going for it. Could definitely still make a good 6-7 slot pretty easy though and use them until you can max out ngs units, or even use them til next tier drops.

@Caboozles-0 you are forgetting about one important thing....the PP cost reduction on NGS units...or if you choose to...16% damage reduction (combined on all 3 and not talking about the initial dmg reduction based on grind level)

@JuggernautGTX God Units come with sgrades and I have 10% pp cost reduction from s6/7 and 2% potency from s8. There is no reason to not use them in terms of damage. For weapons I don't know if a 4star is better when you can get like 10% potency from og pso2 affixes on top of 20% +3%/15crit from klauz.

Nope non of them. A 4* from ngs don't give as much no as one from base game. It's a stupid thing they did.

4* lvl 5 affixia lvl 4 potential beat out legacy 15* god affix weapons, however, nothing comes close to beating god affix + s-grade legacy units, the foursis series def bonus makes up for any lack of def provided you keep topped off.

imo it is not really worth the N-meseta and materials to make 4* weapon right now - you basically need to max it out to beat a 8 slot Klauz with decent affix. I stopped enhancing weapons when I tested and found out that my Klauz sword hits 6~7% harder than a Resurgir Sword+31, granted it only has 1 potential unlocked and power I affix, but still the needed effort to make it better than old weapons when you already have a good affix 8 slot weapon that you made before that you can transfer over for free.

Unless you find a 4* weapon with like lv 4 or 5 pre-affix thing, just use PSO2 weapons. Even other 15* like Atlas EX and Rivalate have the same base attack power as Klauz just less S-class ability which are easier to manipulate than regular affixes. I have several gunblades that I think I'm going to do category change since by the time the new gunblade class comes out, it's going to be level 35+ cap and better gear than what we have now. Cause what else I'm going to do with my meseta, still got over 1 billion.


If you can get your hands on stuff like this it's way better then PSO2 gear, but the problem is that you have to fully upgrade, and add pricy augments to the gear.

This is still only true for weapons, while og god units are still way superior.