Is any of the NGS better than end games PSO 2 gear?

Units for example.. 4* units in the game have 8 defense 2 augments.. pso 2 units I have at 26/28 have 8 augments and obliterate anything we can get. Same with weapons. No weapon in game no matter how high you get it atm surpasses some PSO 2 stuff.

How are brand new players even at 20 going to even be able to ever do the UQ? Meseta isn’t exactly easy to come by. One grieving session to test this failure out comparing gear for BP cost all of my weekly meseta already.

PS: take weeklies off of account and make them character based. I have 12 for a reason -_-

You are comparing grinded gear to gear that is not grinded, NGS stuff is way better, but all content in the game at the moment seems doable with max grind 8 augment pso2 items.

In New Genesis, assuming you upgrade all your gear (which means limit breaking, unlocking potentials, and affixing, all of which are significantly more "in reach" than ever), all the equipment you get there will far surpass things you bring over from Phantasy Star Online 2. The only weapon I can think of that might hold up would be the Cras/Klauz weapons because they have a special effect that New Genesis weapons don't have yet but I would liken it to having a pre-order bonus. It's nice to have but the advantages you can imagine getting from it really fall apart later on.

Considering the game has just launched, I am curious to see how gear progression works because I really would hope Sega doesn't try to push for rarities like in the past (six stars becoming useless in the face of seven stars, nine stars being irrelevant because of ten stars, and so on).

@VanillaLucia said in Is any of the NGS better than end games PSO 2 gear?:

he only weapon I can think of that might hold up would be the Cras/Klauz weapons because they have a special effect that New Genesis weapons don't have yet but I would liken it to having a pre-order bonus.

I don't know what you are talking about, but every weapon is converted into an NGS counterpart. All 15 star weapons have the same amount of attack power, but their potential differs slightly. In the end, every 15 star weapon gives around 23% potency damage. Klauz weapons might be slightly better, if you run 5 sgrade augments that convert into 1% potency, but in the end the difference is meaningless. Additionally, klauz only has 20% potency and a buff that grants 3% whereas most other 15stars have flat 23%.

to make it short - a pimped cras looks better on paper than anything you could possibly get in ngs right now - i never had a 5* drop yet and looks like they dont exist - the 4* coming with different series for each weapon who all look bad on paper but are equal dmg wise to cras - the higher raw atk stat seems to be doing some work....also if you add half decent augments...even a 2* is kinda ok

with a grenade launcher 2* i was hitting about 1k on veras with last hit of multi launch at lv 15 kinda i think....and 1.2k with a converted 15* from ngs launcher (no insane augments on it just some cheap stuff you could get for 100m) gonna check later what a 15* does compared to a pimped 4*

PSO2 NGS gear is a lot better than endgame PSO2 gear. The 4* weapon that I have from PSO2 which is +35 is worse than my 3* PSO2 NGS weapon at +20. The units as well from what I've seen in PSO2 NGS can upgrade to 40? Instead of 10 in PSO2.

@Kuon I'm fairly certain this is the case too. I have a 4* sword that dropped from a PSE burst and it has a base attack that is higher than any of my carryover 15* gear from OG PSO2. Also, as for the crit that most people are probably thinking is why lightweaver stuff would be better, I have found a wired lance that has a Preset Skill (the new kinda thing you can get on NGS gear) called Fixa Fatale lv.4, which gives "Critical activation rate +12%". So I am pretty sure that if you get a 4* NGS weapon to +40 and if it has a good Preset Skill, it will beat the snot out of anything we brought over. Even if lightweaver stuff can have 8 slightly gimped augments over 4 of the NGS ones.

We'll have to see the math when people get to endgame though, I suppose.

@Vilrein Right. They just didn't want people to have gear transfer over from PSO2 and then that's it, you have the best gear.

@Kuon Maybe grind that 4 star weapon to the max, unlock the potential and then post the information so this whole debate can end? We always knew the base attack of NGS weapons is higher but there is always potency damage that has to be included.

But augments carry over too and an 8 augment seems stronger from OG.

@Yui2387 The 4* weapon is transferred from PSO2 (Of course it was a 15* in PSO2). It's potential is unlocked at Lv.3. My 3* weapon in NGS is +20 and Lv.2 potential unlocked. It does more damage than my PSO2 transferred 15* weapon. Now if i get my 4* weapon and upgrade it fully it's obvious. Logically obvious.

Armor wise if you had a fully decked out klauz set it more than likely will surpass any units in NGS outside of potentially pimped out 4* armor. The main difference would be what some of the stuff turned into when transferred to ngs. Weapon wise though NGS should easily replace even your best affixed 15* weapons.

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yup probly only spend meseta on upgrading wep unless u affix a godly ngs unit

best defense is offense or use hu sub 😄

I found a rank 2 wepons in NGS and leveled it up to 40 and it was better than all my transferred weapon. Seems obvious that if you level the very beginner units to max level, they'll be comparable if not better than the units you can transfer. Sure, augments might take them closer together, but it does make one wonder why it was supposed to be relevant that you can transfer equipment since they'll all become irrelevant garbage almost instantly.

@Yggranya its just to have a headstart into youll face a battlepower wall after you finished main story to get into the rank 2 areas or do UQ...carried over stuff makes it alot easier to break that wall and get going...while newer player have to gather stuff/level up abit higher than those