Retry = start over from the beginning

This is starting to feel more like a pay to win than OG PSO2! im trying to do my story to find dozer and I keep on dying. No scape dolls in my inventory and and when i click retry I have to start over. I think i may go back to OG PSO2 and not play NGS.

Yeah, that Dragon in that quest it's a real pita. I've beaten the first phase a couple of times, but no way 1100 power is enough to beat him when it can still one shot you randomly even at full health. And no way I'm paying 150 AC for every-time I died. Yesterday me and a group of around 6-7 other people was attacking that plant like thing mob (lvl 15 non veteran near the forest) and we died so many times it was not funny. I was lvl 13 with a bit over 1100 Power and he was still bi-shotting us. We all run out of the ress "plant" and we had to run around getting more.

The forest dragon? Eh, I did it at 1106 power lv13 Hunter, it's fine... have a 4 star NGS sword and using my PSO2 Klauz units.

I had to start over once too cause of 630

Ya don't be afraid to quit out of the quest and come back later, think it's best we view battle power as minimum requirement rather than a sweet spot.

When I tried it I was with my Fighter lvl 13 with 3* sword (+22) and Knuckles (about the same) and 4* armor (at most +7 ) And I died a couple of times in the first phase ( two hits before I could get away so it bishotted me ). What I found weird on that try is that when I got on the 2nd phase he always did the huge aoe without warning as soon as I was able to move, so I gave up. Went again today but with my Force. About the same power with a 3* Wand +22 (and damn I'm same armor, I only died once at the start because I was too close when he does a double sweep but after that I got to 2nd phase but he didn't do the huge aoe immediatley, instead he did after the npc warned me (twice in the course of the fight) but I have got not much troubles and I completed it. I think something went wrong yesterday on the 2nd phase because the attack that killed me yesterday is the actual AOE they warn you about and there was nothing else similar (but maybe smaller) to what killed me yesterday on the fight of today. But yesterday he did that as soon the fight started ...with no warning. But yeah the Power they suggest I think is the bare minimum to get there.

@MHnogi said in Retry = start over from the beginning:

@HyperDreamer Git Gud

Thanks for your immensely helpful insight hints and suggestions .......... /sarcasm

Are people upgrading their armor units and affixing hp affixes? +30 defense is pretty significant and +15 HP can be the difference between getting 1 shot and barely surviving.

If people are really having trouble with the dragon I suggest you get the 3 named Qual de Armor 4* pieces. All start at 13 defense (the equivalent of Primm+5).

Arga can be found in Central Aelio halfway up the western cliff face. Belta can be found in Western Aelio halfway up one of the rock arches. Sheza can be found in North Aelio near the bridge under a tree root.

All 3 are in Barrier Red Containers.

@ShinoKoba I mean he has a point. This game is not hard one bit. I would argue is too easy atm.

Yeah I have the Quad, but sadly I don't have an enough amount of the good augs to not fail so I had to use lower one's and got them to enh 4-7. Tho I think the reason I failed yesterday was because of that initial aoe that shouldn't have happened. Since when I tried today I had the same armor. It just went as it should have. I admit I did a couple of mistake when I did die ...but the problem for me was yesterday try/happening ..not today.

Edit: I still think just saying "Git Good" doesn't help anyone and it's a pointless post. Want to brag ? fine, brag how you did it and what you used, give suggestions..."Git Good" it's an awesome way to get in people nerves ...not to help them.