Advice from Liu Lin II PSO2NG - Quest Bug?

I go into the Cocoon, do the quest and finish it and it doesn't mark it as complete, I cannot progress my character because of this or change my class.

I have the same problem with two characters.

I started with another one who somehow skipped that cocoon entirely - immediately got class skills and the cocoon is checked off though he's never done it. Two other characters have done it 3-5 times each and nothing happens afterwards.

I hit this bug tonight with my Hunter lvl 4 and completed it and got 3 stars. Soon as I got out the quest did not update. Says to go back in each time. Completed it 5 times lol. Yesterday I did complete it with my Force alt character with no problems.

@Conroy which quest, I only found two of them so far

I have the same bug. I really hope they fix this soon. I've been bored on my main character and wanted to play another class on my alt, but I can't even get past this bug.

I to have this same issue devs pls help us out asap

Still have two characters who can't progress past "Liu Lin II - Explore the target cocoon facility". So they're completely stalled without class skills, subclass, and so forth.

Other new characters got this Task checked off without even going there since cocoons are account-wide. It seems to be from stopping and clearing it with another character then coming back to this one.

Kind of frustrating? Wish I could clear the NGS progress for these character2. They're level 100/100/ etc in regular PSO2 and I have 10 characters so i can't delete or anything.

still no fix? i still cant play this game since lauch smh