I believe this was for the Valentine's Seasonal Event.. or maybe also for the White Day Seasonal Event as well, but we had an Urgent Quest in Japan for the season, running around the Nabarius Tundra, and the music that would play was, "This is my Happiness" by Tom Jones!

This is honestly one of my favorite songs in the world, and the fact that I could listen to it while playing one of my favorite games was amazing to me. I know SEGA has the rights to use this song as it was in Space Channel 5, I just.. I just want to see this song still in the game during an event.. I want the disc so I can have it playing in my room at all times forever and for all time!

I know it's too late for now for a Valentine's Seasonal Event... and I know that we don't celebrate White Day over here.. but it would be so so nice to have it in game sometime soon so that I can get it and so I can have it!

Please and Thank You, The End, Period.