PS Classics Discussion

Just a topic to discuss the classic Phantasy Star games, that includes ANYTHING that that came before PSO2.

With that out of the way: Which Phantasy Star games have you played prior to this, and which one is your favorite? Do you prefer the old JRPGs on SMS/Genesis, or do you like the Online series more?

Personally, id say the original on SMS is my favorite, but I'm a huge sucker for old 8-bit JRPGs, so that explains that lol. My second favorite is a hard tie between 4 and Blue Burst though! What about you guys?

I still have yet to play the original ones via Steam yet. I might consider it after I've finished working on an alt in FFXIV.

I thought about moving this to the special Story section for the PSO Franchise, but since you're not getting into lore...I'll allow it. 😉

i have played through all the non-portable ones (not a fan of dinky screens) and while i get what scrungo is saying about the MS one (none of the others bring me back to the fascination of the original game, i have always wanted someone to remake it in 3d or vr but not change the location of a single tree) 4 was definitely the magnum opus. i have WAY more time in pso, but the story in it was not even worth mentioning compared to 4.. and i mean version 1 on dreamcast (before they ruined the spread needle).

I'd also love it if they remastered them on PC. The SEGA Genesis ones via the classics collection don't save in-game, so you have to use the save states on the hub menu instead. Not to mention, I always feel like the game's going to crash whenever I alt tab in/out.

I've played all the Phantasy Star games, but only finished the one on MS. Also, PSO ver2 was my first long term online game period. I didn't really game on PC. I've played all the PSO games since, including Blue Burst, and PSU.