textures seemingly not loading in or just being muddy as H#ck in general.

everything but player models looks like it wont go past the "im still loading gimme a sec" phase. super muddy and pixelated. my texture settings are on high, this goes as far as having birds or butterflies apear as a blurry blob. and ps1 levels of inviroments. restarted multiple times to try and see if it was something on my end, unsure what else to test.

have had this issue since starting as well, via steam. Had someone tell me verify files since Steam had a derp upon launch, did so.. No changes at all.

Characters look fine, all weapons, textures on billboards, some enemy types, etc. all blurry looking and poorly rendered. No amount of fiddling with graphics (running on Ultra) changes this.

Same here, spended about 5 hours for resolve this problem, no result. My last hope - reinstall game with register clear. If it works, I'll write.

UPD: hope is gone, not working.

I managed to fix mine.. I both reinstalled and cleared My Documents/SEGA folder, I believe the issue is the folder. Delete that from the documents and let it recreate, found this solution from another thread.

I’m having this or similar issue but on Xbox and only with base PSO2 accessories. Love wearing hats but now they look awful.

deleting the sega folder worked for me. thanks a lot @KitsuFox

edit. came back next day, idk super confused and scouting the actual folder to see what it might be since it did fix it temp

I’m on Xbox and pso2 textures are blurry for old accessories and emotes. Strange thing tho: going into pso2 the textures look fine!

Can someone find something in the settings to help this?

after reboot it seems the problem returned. very confused about it X~X