With the release of NGS yesterday i didn't bother too much with checking everything in the Options Menu and other Actions yet. But today i wanted to check some things and i realized that compared to PSO2 we're missing quite a few things. Some of these Options that are missing, apperantly being locked behind the Base PSO2 Menus, but still seem to change the NGS experience without being able to change it there.

For example, in NGS there is the option to display that we acquired an item next to our character, yet this is something i've blocked in base PSO2, so it automatically doesn't show, with no way to change it back in NGS. What i'm also missing is the Option to have Material go into the Material Storeage directly or to my Inventory. Other things perhaps, are Damage Numbers done by me, Party or other Players and the likes.

I feel like these Options should exist for both PSO2 and NGS, without interrupting the other depending on your changes for each version of the game.

Some others things are, checking Market Prices for items from your Inventory or Storeage, there is no Option, why? it's basically the same Game with less features. Also, can't check my Alliance Members or Friends Market, can't transfer to Friends Block, can't view Weapons on the MP unless i know the weapon and specifically search for it. It works with pretty much anything else but Weapons?

There's alot of small things like this that have started to bother me today. I just don't understand why. It's the same as before, yet seems completely missing or broken.

Did they mention anything about this at some point, or is there any word out there when this will change back to how it used to work in PSO2?

it just feels unnecessarily complicated to have 2 versions of the same game share the same Options Menu settings. i think i'll just delete my User file for now and let NGS take control, because i have zero idea how much the Base PSO2 Version is conflicting with NGS right now.