[NGS] Menus are causing the game to crash

Changed the Topic, since I seem to be crashing on any menu now that an NPC pops up, not just on the Skill Tree NPC. If I have them open for around 20 seconds, the game stops responding and I have to force quit the game (Music is still playing though). Is this happening to anyone else?

Update 1: I did a file check on the game and that might've fixed things for the time being. Menus haven't been causing any crashes so far. I'll still keep track of this for about a day, before I decide to deem this topic as resolved

Update 2: It started to crash again, this time it was at the food counter. I guess the file check only fixed things temporarily. I'll do a complete file check tomorrow, but I don't know if that will fix things

Update 3: Last scheduled maintenance didn't seem to help the issue either, although it did fix a good deal of a different issue I had outside of this one, which was the screen freezing for a few seconds whenever I or a party member leveled up (Is completely gone now) and when switching areas (Is still there, but not as severe). I've updated my GPU drivers and removed some Microsoft programs I never use (One of them was some XBox related program) and will test again tomorrow. If that won't work, I might have to consider another crazy approach and try updaing the BIOS

Update 4: Welp... I'm still having the game freeze randomly when talking to NPCs. And SEGA doesn't seem to have confirmed this issue yet, so screw it! I'm completely uninstalled it, and reinstalled it through the Tweaker. The problem still persists

can also confirm various crashes caused by opening menu's (hopefully just a side effect of overloaded servers)

This happens constantly for me when using the Personal Shop.

I'm getting the same issue.

If you're using PSO2 Tweaker try uninstalling and then installing it not through Tweaker. I did that with Steam and I've had 0 trouble with it since I switched.

When a bug of this type is found, is it good to mention the characteristics of your computers?

In the many hours that I have been playing, I only had 1 crash and I don't remember why it was, for now the game runs better than expected (so it is good to mention the specifications, since it does not always affect everyone):D

@ViciousXII said in [NGS] Menus are causing the game to crash:

If you're using PSO2 Tweaker try uninstalling and then installing it not through Tweaker. I did that with Steam and I've had 0 trouble with it since I switched.

I'm doing that right now. Whatever I tried before, didn't work (Or only temporarily). It still went on and off with the crashes. I had days where it didn't crash at all and then I had days (Like today) where talking to the first NPC already caused the game to stop responding after less than a minute. So now I'm gonna go for the "Screw it!" route. Uninstalling the game, removed anything I can find that was related to PSO2 and NGS and just reinstall the whole thing through the Tweaker alone. I did make some backups of the setting and character creation files, so at least I don't have to do all of that over again

I installed PSO2 through the Microsoft Store the first time around (Yeah... I had no other choice sadly). I can only hope that there was some leftover crap from that which was causing most of the issues. But we'll see

Update: Aaaand it didn't work. So reinstalling is out of the picture now, too