[NGS] Menus are causing the game to crash

Changed the Topic, since I seem to be crashing on any menu now that an NPC pops up, not just on the Skill Tree NPC. If I have them open for around 20 seconds, the game stops responding and I have to force quite the game (Music is still playing though). Is this happening to anyone else?

Update 1: I did a file check on the game and that might've fixed things for the time being. Menus haven't been causing any crashes so far. I'll still keep track of this for about a day, before I decide to deem this topic as resolved

Update 2: It started to crash again, this time it was at the food counter. I guess the file check only fixed things temporarily. I'll do a complete file check tomorrow, but I don't know if that will fix things

can also confirm various crashes caused by opening menu's (hopefully just a side effect of overloaded servers)

This happens constantly for me when using the Personal Shop.