I just wanted to share my thoughts about how swords work in NGS. To me I feel like swords are too fast, and of course they made it so they do less damage per hit because of it (otherwise it would be OP). But I don't know, I feel like they don't feel right with how far they went with changing swords.

Like I get our characters have a lot new movement abilities which make them move much faster, but that doesn't mean slower and heavier hitting weapons wouldn't still work well with it.

I did feel like the speeds for swords with and without the speed upgrade in base PSO2 were too slow, but I think the speed of swords in the hand of a Hero were perfect, or could possibly just be a tiny bit faster. I think they should have come to a middle ground with the weapon speeds between Hero and how they work in NGS currently.

I just think swords don't feel like they have enough impact with them being super fast, and doing less damage per hit, considering how huge the swords are. I think the other two Hunter weapons are fine in NGS, but swords just don't feel right.

I feel like Swords now are basically just Dual sabers without the whirlwinds now, since dual sabers also have a guard ability too now.