Brand New Player Can't Get Past "Select The Ship" HELP!

Hi Everyone, As the title says I am brand new to PSO2NGS, I cannot for the life of me get past the selecting a server screen.f2298355-8118-480a-ad0c-cd7e63e249cb-image.png When I click start game it just brings me to this screen and it stays here forever, I haven't even made my character yet. I downloaded the game on Steam and Epic and reinstalled on both platforms multiple times and I am still getting the same problem. I thought this was a server capacity issue so I even left this on overnight and it did nothing. Please help...!

I have the same problem elsewhere however. For me, the game freezes after selecting a character and I am forever watching the rotating character model without any reaction or error. All I can do at this point is alt + f4 to shut down the game, nothing else is responding.