The Odd Question from a Newbie

Yo, new to the series so I know nothing.

A few things I've read about is that fashion is important, I like that. However, when opening the shop there doesn't appear to be any fashion items, do I need Premium for this, or how does it work?

I'm a little at a loss with all the Currency Types, if I could have a small introduction to them and what each is for, awesome.

How does Progression Work? I got to Level 6 with a Gunner and only had 2 skill points. I noticed they seem to be acquired through Cocoons and Towers? Are these level gated, story gated etc? I'm sure I found a tower in the North, but I couldn't interact with it.

That'll do me for now. Ta in advance.

The cocoons and towers are scattered throuout the areas. Cocoons give 1 SP, towers 4. They should be open to anyone but have certain battle power suggested.

cosmetics in this game can be acquired via scratch tickets or by buying from other players, there are others that can be acquired by events or specific shops but I don't know how will be the events in NGS, to buy from other players you gonna find their stuff on sale in the personal shops and you don't need premium to buy but you need to sell.

the currencies are 3 in NGS, ARKS Cash that is premium currency, Star Gems that is a semi premium and can be acquired in the game in a small quantity or buy using SG and Meseta.

Cacoons and towers give skill points and they are not gated but the regions are locked by the story so you need to continue the main story to unlock the regions and find then.