Changing ships

Can I change my ship? Im pretty new and I want to play with freinds but they are on a different ship. To this day I haven't found a option to change ship. Is it even possible? I would be pretty happy about an answer 🙂

@EsIstMontag You can transfer Ships, but there is a fee do do so, and it will only occur during maintenance. You can do so from the character select screen.

That said, if you don't mind having to level again, you can make up to three free characters, so you can just make one on the same Ship as your friends.

And just so you know, those "three free characters" are account-wide. One character on ship 1, means you have two more characters you can create on all ships. In addition, if you ever decide to buy a new character, you should be aware that you're buying the ability to create a new character not a new character slot. (This is told to you on the dialogue box that appears when attempting to buy a new character.)

@AndrlCh Thanks a lot for your help

@coldreactive Ok thank you...I will take it into account when I create a new one