"AVX Instructions" requirement

I've been able to play New Genesis mostly fine, but a friend of mine who I've played PSO2 with pretty often can't anymore due to an "AVX Instructions" requirement? Does anyone know if there's any way for my friend to continue playing or is she permanently locked out on her current computer?

CPU must support the AVX instruction set. Therefore the only way out is a CPU upgrade.

I see, that's unfortunate, thanks for the info

@meliascia said in "AVX Instructions" requirement:

I see, that's unfortunate, thanks for the info

Also, depending on what their current CPU is and whether they have a Desktop, All-In-One, or laptop, they might be able to get a relatively cheap CPU as a replacement ($100 USD or less). If they have a desktop, ask them what the CPU is. For example, mine is an Intel Core i5-4460

I go buy a Xeon Second Hand CPU for Update my old PC for this. My actual CPU are a i7 860 and don't have AVX. 2nd Gen of Intel iCore CPU or Xeon the same gen, or the AMD FX CPU have AVX... in my case, for 125€ can buy a Xeon e5 2689 with 16GB of Ram (DDR3 1600 Mhz ECC) and Motherboard X79 (Made in China), in a Local Seller.