"No response from PSO2 server No[630]"

It's been like this all day trying to get into NG... I'm tired...


And something tells me that my internet connection is not actually the problem, in spite of that appearing to be what "error 630" means.

I was able to play old PSO2 itself fine before NG came out, and I can still sometimes log into it NOW despite the player density.

This seems to me to be severely mishandled optimization (or a complete lack thereof).

Worst part is, I could have potentially bandage-fixed this for myself by starting a new character in a less populated server (assuming population was the issue in the first place), but all 3 of my default character slots are already used on Ur and anything I could do to fix this would still take a day or two to resolve. Due to the way SEGA handles accounts, logins and loading my only answer is to wait a few days. Either...

  1. I delete some characters to make space for new creations.
  2. I buy some AC so I can create new ones in spite of my limit or transfer old ones.
  3. SEGA optimizes the game better in a coming hotfix, which hasn't happened yet.

All of these things require a bare minimum of 24 hours to complete because lol totally arbitrary timegates. There's no answer that gets me into the game NOW, during these days off that I requested from my job so I could be here.

I'm not having a good launch day, as you can imagine.

This post is deleted!