My own personal opinion so far about NGS

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@Policroma-Sol Wait, sorry for going a bit off-topic here, but is Sea of Thieves really thriving? I thought that game was just perm dead.

It's pretty busy. My husband plays constantly, and it's got some pretty popular streamers who are also streaming constantly. It was one of those games that was presumed dead on arrival because it, well, wasn't fully understood as being more of a "playground" than a "themepark". But it now has plenty of "themepark" content for those who want to engage in such things. Once again, all the loot is cosmetic, so you can't really make it "obsolete", and many folks will come back to old content if for no other reason than to collect it all.

Yeah, I hijacked the thread, LOL. But I think Rare is onto something, and I think Sega at least has an eye on them and is trying to create a "happy medium", so to speak. Notice they already have a system for high level mobs to be casually roaming around Noobville, without lowbies having to worry about getting squished mercilessly. (You have to venture outside of that area to worry about that.) And lowbies can participate in some of these tougher fights even if their damage isn't worth much. They could potentially continue scaling that, adding different and tougher area/world bosses, to keep the central hub of the game thriving, even as they continue adding more land and areas to explore.

@Policroma-Sol All of that sounds amazing in theory and ascribes to developers a level of foresight that no one can confirm was happening, given that the following things are nevertheless presently happening:

The overall impression that I get right now is that the teams that were working on the design of the game must have come into some kind of conflict with managers who decided that they wanted the launch to happen before E3, and by choosing to do this they are risking creating a bad impression overall.

Some people have said that the infamous quote "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad," doesn't apply to MMO titles because MMO titles are gaming-as-a-service and so they can always be patched, but SEGA is really testing the limit of that right now, because there may be a point at which a bad impression at launch will have real reputational damage.

We have to be honest and say that some of these problems are actually unacceptable and unexplainable. The PSO2 outfit glitch and the N-Meseta glitch are probably the most egregious, because there should be no way that these two problems should have made it past QA without being caught, and no way that we could all be on here pointing them out for days and then having SEGA be unaware of it like if they themselves haven't been playing the game they just published.

NGS is absolutely a great game which seems like it's being hampered by mismanagement or confusion. It's really hard to get your friends to join the game right now in its current state, when we are being subjected to a barrage of unpredictable behaviours that you would expect to see in a CBT-2, not in an already-launched product.

It's understandable that no launch can ever be perfect, but this is like a total whirlwind of problems all happening at the same time. Systemically, something has not gone as it should have in the development process.

I've had the unfortunate experience of playing an MMO that got cancelled because the launch was so horrendous. So if there's this crazy thinking that MMOs are iron clad because they can be patched, then such a dev team with that line of thinking better hang up right now.

Edit: I think red boxes don't respawn once they are found? No sure, but I don't see anymore of them.

Red boxes are account bound, so you can only break them once @Valinda

Oh ok(bummer), so I can stop cataloging their locations as I was thinking about posting them lmao.

I mean that could help people having trouble finding them.


To add to your "second closed beta test," the one closed beta that Global players got was the second closed beta from the Japanese side with very little changes (the only change being the localization and implementations of Global's restrictions). I really feel that Sega shot themselves in the foot with this because they published a whole list of known issues already so it makes me wonder what they were looking for as the lag and reaction times were identical to those seen in the Japanese closed betas (seconds of enemies not reacting to damage, all the damage numbers popping up at once suddenly, enemies warping due to latency, and players de-syncing from one another due to how the server handles even a small number of players).