[HELP] I beg for some help at Skill-tree and weapons questions

Hello Everyone, I'm new to PSO2 NG, never played these games before but im liking them ALOT, but Ive tried to understand couple things with failure attempts on research etc thats why I'm comming here.

  • I'm MAIN CLASS FORCE, with SUB CLASS TECH, so.. In TECH skill tree I learn the main Skill shift/bend or something similar, but I'm not allowed to use it, no matter if I change my weapon to a WAND.

Can you give me sometips where should I focus my talents points?.

  • Continuing with the past question, I see I get talent point in every skill tree, do PASSIVES BUFF (like damage reduction hunter) are applied no matter if i dont ahve it subbed?

  • As FORCE im using a ROD as mine weapon, is there any point to equip a second weapon and change between them in combat ?(like i said i got a ROD but it doesnt let me use skill from my sub -tech class)

And by last: Which multi-skill weapon (add a 2nd weapon type to my main weapon) should I add to my ROD and whats the point of it?

As you see guys are just some question which will let me improve my skills and abilities i really will appreciate any answers and tips, (English is not my native language, but i tried my best) have a goood game!

  • Certain Skills are only active when a class is your Main Class, and Shifta/Deband is one such Skill. Skills like this will have a note on their description that specifies this.
  • You only get the benefits from your equipped classes, so, no, if you are Fo/Te, you don't get any of Hunter's benefits.
  • Different weapons are situational, as some Skills from your Tree can only be used when you have a certain weapon equipped, and your Photon Blast also differs based on your equipped Weapon.
  • If you are going to create a multi-weapon, it would need to be with one of the other weapons that your main or sub class can use, so in your case, Talis or Wand. This lets you use the Photon Arts and some weapon-based Skills that are associated with that weapon type without needing to switch to a different weapon slot.

Thank you very much!

Yeah the skills thing was somehow epxlained in-game but there were some text that confused me and made me think i could use those skills.

About multi-weapon that will help me alot thanks

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