Is Techter's Wand Lover Ablity suppose to be a 210 CD or is that a bug

I was just curious since the skill at the counter says 30 second duration and 90 cd. However, when I use it shows 150 and for the 30 of that I get the effect but the other 120 I don't and then after it runs out then I have 90 cd after = 210 so is this intention since it should be labeled out or is this a bug ty.20210610132739_1.jpg 20210610132300_1.jpg

Also for the obtain Seafood at North Aelio there's only 9??? i don't see a 10th and i ran in circles 4 times? anyone else same probelm

I'm pretty sure it is suppose to be intentional for the CDs. Oddly enough, it has the feel of being made to be PP micro managed at the same time of juggling your CD in a meta style rotation... which... is a very odd combination choice.

Most I have experienced is either Proper CD juggling or Resource Management, to get get the maximum results. This combo seems a bit odd.

I feel it should be one or the other. Either are fine just not both at the same time. I would prefer no CDs.

I.E make PBlasts use PP and no CDs. Allow for build up for maximum damage. If one just spams, they will just result in lower over all damage instead and no resources. The game has already shown to have encounters where you can time multiple bursts with others, which really can't be achieved in this combo.

The PB build up right now has two CDs. The initial build from 0 to 100% and the CD cycle after being used. I feel this is terrible. I understand that this was done to combat PBs being spammed...

PB 0% to 49% Build Up = 50% PP used to cast, uses the built up BU charges Pb 50% to 99% Build Up = 25% PP used to cast, uses the built up BU charges PB 100% Build Up = 0% PP used for X amount of seconds, making it a relatively spammable nuke for a time set with out dumping resources.

Said cam be same with skills like Wand Lovers, and other.... by not needing a CD cause the game is already heavy resource management.

Well in my opinion that is....

Also bring two button configuration to NGS for keyboard/mouse and controller pls.... lol my RA hates 3 buttons.

The Techter Class Skill "Wand Lovers" having a longer than normal Effect Duration under certain conditions. yeah bug but yeah. The resources have been weird to the fishing for me was only at 9 but i heard and saw for some it randomyl spawned.

@big-g580 Yeah same here