I cant play pso2 new genesis because the game says I cannot

So I downloaded the 95gigabytes in order to play the game all to meet " Your current system does not support this title Please check the system requirements on the official website for more details" I've ran pso2 on the maximum settings and it was clearly fine but now they get to decide if I can run the game or not take that shit off it does not make any sense if my pc burns out let it burn out on my terms I just don't see the sense in you can't play the game because we think your PC won't be able to play the game. At least let us see if we can or cannot then what's the point in even downloading it. All I'm asking is simply this let us decide if we can or cannot play the game by "checking if it can run even with 30fps or less" then we can know is all I'm asking if anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate it thank you much love. pso2wtf.png n here is what it says.

Same with me, I think my CPU doesn't support AVX. As the system requirement "Intel i3-4150 or better (Must support AVX)". This is the end my character career lol. 😢 😢 😢

@Deandre159 Can you go to Windows Search on your taskbar, type 'About', and then tell me what processor it says you have?

PSO2 NGS is only compatible with processors that support AVX features and instructions, so this would seem to be most likely reason as to why you might get the 'does not meet system requirements' message.

It's not about performance, but that your system it's missing some features the game needs so it can't run. It's like asking a Car to run without Fuel or wheels, it's missing what he needs to run.

I'm currently running it even under the unsupported Windows 7 64-bit OS, so it's apparent Windows 10 is not the only OS it can run under.

Bottom line, as already stated, the CPU must support AVX to run the game.

Now my system is about 5 years old, I'm running a AMD Athlon x4 860k quad core @ 4 Ghz and with my Radeon RX590, it's running pretty well.

While there are a plethora of options out there to run on PC to satisfy the game's requirements, I will say the AMD Athlon x4 860k processor I use are still out there and can be had for pretty cheap these days, I know Newegg has them in stock along with some FM2+ motherboards. Hope this helps, I wish you all good luck getting back into PSO2.

any way to play the version before new genesis?

Xbox supports it, so a cheap pre used Xbox could be a temporary solution until your pc can run it

Like others have said I think your issue is the AVX thing most likely that one is a hard stop on system reqs unfortunately

@Nephreo said in I cant play pso2 new genesis because the game says I cannot:

any way to play the version before new genesis?

Original PSO2 is still within the game itself. You unfortunately must complete enough of the NGS base story at the beginning to the point you're able to make it to a Ryuker Tower, from there you can access PSO2 via the tower/telepipe back to the ARKS ship lobby.

Once this is done, you can also start the game from your character select screen where it will give you the option to start in PSO2:NGS or PSO2.

Bottom line, if you can't start NGS due to hardware issues (AVX support) you won't be able to play the original PSO2 either, as they are both running off the same game engine now.

Hope this helps, good luck!

for me it says that my process supports AVX, but i still cant enter the game. pls help

@aslckr You need to supply more information about your system configuration, and what the exact wording of the error you are getting is.

@aslckr said in I cant play pso2 new genesis because the game says I cannot:

for me it says that my process supports AVX, but i still cant enter the game. pls help

As Rei Murasame mentioned, we'll need your system specs to ascertain what is preventing you from running the game.

I assume you can find this by right clicking and selecting PROPERTIES on your desktop "My Computer" icon in Win 10?

List your processor type, speed (AVX support if possible, Intel or AMD), RAM in gigabytes, video card model and make (Intel, Nvidia or AMD), hard drive (HDD) free space in gigabytes and OS version and whether file system is 32 or 64 bit. That should be enough to figure out where the problem is and why it does not meet the minimum system requirements.

If I had to guess, the Direct X upgrade from version 9 to 11 with the PSO2:NGS engine may have excluded alot of users due to their older video card's supported functions.(which no longer meet the minimum, Direct X 11) Even if it used to run at maximum settings under Direct X 9, the newer engine under Direct X 11 is far more robust and requires more GPU (and probably CPU) power to achieve the same frame rates as before, let alone it now requires a video card that supports Direct X 11.

Hope this helps!

Hello! Can anybody help me? I also have this issue. My PC specs: CPU: Pentium g4400 GPU: GTX 1050-ti RAM: 8 GB WINDOWS 10 64 BIT Dirextx12 installed

But i still cant run the game through steam 😞

That sucks that players can't get into PSO2 because of NGS. Hope SEGA fix that.

@Rose-0 2 things I can think of that may help.

  1. is your OS up to date?
  2. in your bios there is a section to enable virtualization, make sure its turned on.