Character Model Bugs?

It seems that others see my character model differently than I do sometimes. My character looks as he should on my screen but others see him differently.

I use a small build model but others say I appear super tall and look like hulk on their screens.

  • I use the old models / costumes.

  • Made no changes to my character since launch.

    Anyone else have this issue or found a way to fix it without using the new models?


I'm not sure if this is related, but a lot of my pso2 outfits (Outfits specifically) fit the NGS model very oddly. (admittedly I think they always fit in a way that is unflattering to the character when you try to give them bigger hips/legs) They definitely looked exaggerated (even on my screen) and made my character appear, for lack of a better description, pregnant. I'm not sure if this is intended or not but I would imagine the current intensity of latency in game would cause some other users views of your character to get skewed depending on how the data loaded. Even if you didn't alter the character in creation, the character is now upgraded with the new frame, so if he was made somewhat muscular in base pso2, it could be that the "NGS" version of your character would appear as other people are viewing it when you are not wearing an old pso2 outfit.

Possibly same issue:

@FoolsArcana said in Character Model Bugs?:

but a lot of my pso2 outfits (Outfits specifically) fit the NGS model very oddly.

What do you mean by this? PSO2 outfits can't fit the NGS model, using a PSO2 outfit swaps your character to a PSO2 body (and same for NGS outfits). Your character's body is defined by the outfit being worn. However, there's a "slider sync" setting in the salon (because NGS and PSO2 bodies use the sliders a little differently) that could possibly change it, by making it so that when going NGS->PSO2 outfit it attempted to set the sliders to something than they actually were on your PSO2 model originally.

If your char looks pregnant, are you using the old type 2 idling animation? In PSO2 the female (now type 2) idle animation had them jut their stomachs forward and if you weren't careful it was really easy to get a similar look. It may just be that it's less pronounced on NGS models because of how extremely thin they tend to be.

Got any screenshots? Curious since I've been using PSO2 model with NGS head.

I went back to PSO2 to check a few things in storage and it turned out that my male character moves like a female and female character moves like a male now. If it's not a bug, then i suppose i screwed something up when i used the character creator on the benchmark when i saved the appearances. Not a big deal, but it is pretty weird.

Iā€™m still trying to figure out wat choice in graphics settings restores all of pso2ā€™s Graphics.

If anyone finds it, plz let me know

I have tested the sliders in the salon however its super weird because on my screen my character looks exactly how I want but to others, it either looks like the incredible hulk or something else super off. I can't really figure out any other toggle that would fix this, also I need help to know when my character is off because I cannot see it myself. Super weird...

Here is a good example we are both black and my character is max hight and thick but as you can see NGS decided I should be albino same with Eli here in the pic

8B1A1289-FA45-4373-B37D-F762CFE29C5E.jpeg F395EA17-AB94-4580-AC69-21C238C0F236.jpeg

Reference here is what my Eclypse looks like AD6BBA59-E975-45A8-9D48-05518E825092.jpeg

There is definitely something strange going on with height and character models after the engine update, I've seen several players mentioning similar problems.

Check out this post:

I think we made some discovery as to what the issue might be.

So far so good...

I am having a similar issue. I went into the Salon just to change my hair. While in the Salon my skin would look metallic like "Colosus" from X-Men. When I come out, she is black and no color changes to skin will fix it. šŸ˜ž

@WhiteNightSaint are you wearing an outfit or outerwear? If so, try without and see if it fixes the bug for you too. We believe these two items may be causing the bug, at least that is what testing is showing thus far.

@Zyky I am wearing outerwear. When I switch over to an outfit, everything looks fine in the salon and outside in the world.

I was able to get it to reset back to the normal color scheme. I had to transfer blocks to original PSO2 and then transfer back into NGS to get the skin color to look like it should for me. The weird thing was it was only on the body and not the head.

While it's impossible to get all of the bugs ironed out the first few days; cosmetics and appearance are HUGE aspects of PSO2. The fact that everyone looks like the Walking Dead in PSO2:NGS hurts the immersion aspect of the game in my opinion.

Thank you for the quick reply and question(s). šŸ™‚