NA PSO2 New Genesis Server lag Versus JP PSO2 New Genesis Server lag ?

yay sega of NA know there net codE SERVER.... lmao umm yah... WHILE JP server still wins.. you be the judge NA PSO2 New Genesis Server lag Versus JP PSO2 New Genesis Server lag ?

JP has also experienced overwhelmed servers, you need to factor in the time zone difference and that there will be prime time for each set of regions.

Global houses EU, US, SEA and a few others places across the globe, hence Global, so it would naturally make sense that with less Ships available we would experience heavy loads at more intervals as opposed to JP which is primarily JP players playing during the day or evening not all night long.

Additionally, the freeze in that video you linked is partially down to your local system, that's the game trying to load in all of the characters, accessories, hairstyles, costumes and more, you'll notice it load much faster if you go to a less populated Block and has very little to do with the server itself beyond downloading the very small amounts of data required to tell the Client what it should be loading in.

To be honest, your linked video is a really bad 'side by side test', you compared loading a populated Block during peak times vs loading a single, solo instance with an NPC and Player Character, the tutorial.

TLDR It's bad for both, you're playing in one time zone, wait it out.