Can't Proceed Mt Magnus Story Quest

Talk to Manon at the base of Mt Magnus.

HELP. After talking to Manon and i start the quest. It's just a blank black screen with music in the background.

I've already reinstall it once.

Any help would be appreciated

@K3nZ0 What version platform you using?

@K3nZ0 Steam has been acting up a little bit. Maybe needs another patch. Had you try lower yours graphic settings for that scene?

Unfortunately, my graphics is already set to the lowest. sad cries

@K3nZ0 If it a steam version issue? You could link accounts and try another platform. I'm sure the next maintenance might fix most people's issues.

Originally started with the windows store version. We'll see if the next maintenance fix this. But I'm worried that it might not and it's not acknowledged anywwhere

Nope still the same after maintenance. It just crashes after i start the quest.

Installing Windows 10 version now. If it doesn't work, I'm out. I've better things to do than doing field trails in an underpowered character. Not to mention, not acknowledging this problem means they don't have to give compensation.

Update. Windows 10 version is worse. It just crashes when i'm on the way to mt magnus. Now trying to install via PSO2 tweaker

@K3nZ0 That wasn't normal maintenance other day. You might have to wait till Tue/Wed for the next maintenance.

Fingers crossed then. Thanks for your reply

Update. Finally finished installing the win 10 version with pso2 tweaker. it works. I'll try to update the steam version to see if it works too