This Stuttering & Lag Needs To Be Addressed

@Valinda what going on is the place you live in, this game is by far not going to push even a 5 years old pc.

@Miranda said in This Stuttering & Lag Needs To Be Addressed:

Not sure what's going on here.. I reckon most of you have one of those future proofed PCs. My laptop is approaching 5 yrs of service and yet I get no lag, no stuttering and running on high settings. About the only thing I turned off is shadows because always were a prime culprit in earlier games I've played.

its not about the users devices.

It happens on console, high end, low end, and every device in between.

u can generally avoid it by choosing low populated ship/block and stuff where ur basically only 1 around.

However PBE burst, combat zones, and big ole event bosses are so bad u can get hangs of up to liek 20sec straight.

It is entirely their end issue. Nothing we players can do to fix it.

@samsaralotus Yeah they're really not. I have another friend I tried to get into the game. He is. A huge MMO fan and he doesn't have a lot of good things to say and has already just went back to his main game. Doubt I'm gonna be able to get him back.