This Stuttering & Lag Needs To Be Addressed

@Lorient but i do not hate the game not the dev team. i think the devs did as good job on the limited time sega forced on them. its sega i do not like. and if you want to give me a good reason to like sega i like to hear it

@samsaralotus I don't need to give you a reason to like Sega, its perfectly fine if you don't. I have companies I don't like too. I'm just stating I haven't seen you say anything positive about the game and rarely is your feedback constructive.

Well if the lag is truly fixed when the servers go back online everyone is going to be much happier I'm sure.

@Lorient i did say it here as well. its sega the company i dont like

and for 30-40 min it was so good, then it starting to lag as bad -_- god dam it


ok (dunno what else to say)

So they did literally nothing to address the issue. Game still lags just as bad as before.

@JuggernautGTX said in This Stuttering & Lag Needs To Be Addressed:


ok (dunno what else to say)

Oh, "one of" the updates, welp, we're in for a ride it seems.

I just want to play the game. Like they did literally nothing for 5 hours, and now the lag is even worse

well yea i mean...they described it has been a lil slow and sluggish here and there....during UQ if you had like 1 second of damage numbers shown after a 30 second lag...i mean thats kinda slowish and sluggish indeed

@JuggernautGTX how its even a fix to any thing . i am dumbfucked here.

@BlockedMarlin58 its the same just more people at this time. and ye the did nothing for 5 hours. there can be nothing they can do as well. if the servers are shit there no fixing this.

I still get stuttering and hiccups.

I've changed the game to Medium settings. My weapons look like smeared play-dough now (no idea what option makes them more high-def).

And when I leave town; I stutter Combat; Stutter Level up; massive freeze for 3-6 seconds

It's not latency (though that is still an issue). My game, running in virtual fullscreen (since it lacks real full screen), still jutters and hiccups. And I'm running a powerful PC; just see my specs in my original post.

@Eguzky-0 its the servers or net code. server will take long time to upgrad and net code you can fix

Lag is sadly still persistent after the maintenance. Quite bad on ship 2.