This Stuttering & Lag Needs To Be Addressed

Well they are going to "Fix" it possibly today. I hope. I'm sure PSO2 and PSO2 NGS being connected together and our servers being global servers puts a lot of strain on them. I've been having fun with the game but this lag is just a huge pain.

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I mean, JP having no lag could possibly be because their servers only have players from JP where Global has players from the rest of the world. Kinda a big difference there...

that's not really an excuse, MS knew how many accounts for PSO they had, and could estimate how many more will try the game during launch, in a sensible world you could overestimate the needed operation power, and not be picky and "HUrR, lImItEd ReSoUrCeS, pUt ReSt On FiLeCoIn AnD cHiA, pLaYeRs WiLl StIcK bEcAuSe OnLy AnImU gAmE AnYwAy"

fun fact, we had "stress test" during beta, and i don't remember any lags, especially compared to this

also one thing to add, when i played yday in the morning EU time, stuff was still laggy, regardless of the world congestion saying "normal"

Yeah, I will 100% agree that Sega severely underestimated the number of players that would be on global. That part is on them for sure.

well lets hope they can fix it

@Kisai I observed something similar yesterday. I'm playing on ship 2. My first character i leveled up fairly normally I suppose. In contrast, I started again on my original pso2 character(for all of my lovely accessories I didn't have 2 of) and skipped the prologue. When i got to the quest to gather food mats and make a food item. (Started as a gunner, swapped to Force and was level 1 when I completed the quest.) After making the food item, and thus, completing the quest. I instantly grew to level 7. I'm not sure if there was a bug and i received too much exp, or if it could have been i completed the quest and several dailies at that exact moment perhaps which netted me some extra exp to hit level 7 like that. But it was definitely odd and stood out.

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@Eguzky-0 The problem is not really on the client end.

The problem is very very much on server-side. Lots of UI stuff triggers netcode events.

The problem I'm seeing a lot is suggestive of server memory being insufficient, like they're running them on under-provisioned virtual machines. I've seen these exact same kinds of lag issues in another game that predates PSO2. Basically, when you move around the map, you cross through different sectors which are virtual channels, so that only 8-32 people can be in them. This part works well enough, however whatever the underlying netcode is doing, is resulting 5sec to 2-minute long lag spikes (suggestive of swap thrashing), so this results in things like hitting a boss for a minute, while everything else is not moving, and then suddenly you see the flying text a few dozen times and it falls over dead.

The same thing is also affecting the display of resource nodes, where, even if you have a quest to find that item, the quest marker is not showing up. The game that predates PSO2 also had this kind of problem. Every time something moves, the client has to interpolate the positions of everything.

So when either the server has issues, or the data center has issues (eg Ship 2 is super laggy, but Ship 3 wasn't nearly as bad) suddenly everything connected to that server becomes congested.

Now I assume this will eventually get fixed, but for the most part, no MMORPG has ever had a flawless launch.

Here's a potential "bug", and I don't know if others have observed this, but on Ship 3, which was an imported character, it took me around 12 hours to get from level 1 to level 10. But on Ship 2, which was a 2 character, PSO2NG only, I got there in only 6 hours. Despite ship 2 being horrifically laggier.

This makes me wonder if the server is mis-calculating positions and rewarding experience just for being anywhere near mobs even if not fighting them. So a more congested server might be over-distributing experience, money and such.

I have an imported char on Ship 3 as well, on the NGS launch day I was able to get from level 1 to 10 in 5-6 hours, so maybe it was just a learning curve effect?

Is there currently maintenance going on? I can't find any info on it.

@Eguzky-0 It was like this when PSO2 released a while ago. Give it some time!


yes, says so on their twitter

Maintenance is currently set to end at 2pm CST on June 11th.

Edit: They are attempting to address the lag issues.

@Eguzky-0 There is maintenance until 1200 PDT 11 June, about 3 hours after this post. There is a thread here on the forums (sorry, on Xbox, no c&p).

just dont hope they will fix it in the set time or at all. i hope i am wrong but if they use MS servers in the worst place for a global mmo then this will never be fixed .

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must be addressed but they are in japan and normally don't care for things out of japan.

Wait, so the global servers are in Japan and not in US? That would explain the horrendous lag.

No, they're not. They're Microsoft Azure servers hosted in the US. The person you're replying to just has a post history of replying to any issue he has with the game as "SEGA hates any country that's not Japan".

The lag is most likely due to strain on the servers due to the number of people playing. Remember, we're global, not just NA, so its a LOT more people than the JP servers have. It also feels like Sega underestimated the people that weren't previous PSO2 players that would jump on to try out the game. Issues like this are par for the course for most MMO launches/expansions, give it a couple days and everything will settle or, if it is an actual game bug causing the lag, get patched.

It maybe misplaced now, but his disdain is not without warrant because they used to be like that for PSU.......

@Valinda Yeah, I can get that. I have companies that I don't like too coughNexoncough. But going around the games forums and actively hating on the game is a good way to get banned. Criticism that isn't constructive is useless.