Well, i'm not the only one having big lags problem, especially in the Ship 1 thru 3 i guess...i do hope they will fix this problem really soon though.

But i do remember not having such problems when i started playing PSO2 on the Japanese server back in 2012 on Day 1, i had some lag but that was manageable, probably because the server being so far away.

But yeah, sometimes in fights, the lag is reall annoying as you don't even know if you're hitting the enemies, and if the enemies are hitting you, and you end up dead in a fraction of second once the lag "goes away"...

So Sega, please get yourself together!

What? You mean to you don't like firing a dozen shots into a trash mob and seeing it run around for 10 seconds before falling over dead but only after somehow managing to hit you for damage?

But its so much fun!

On a serious note, game doesn't even let me use Exitlag without disconnecting me constantly or not even allowing me to log in. Which is upsetting because part of the lag is probably due to being Australian lol.

I don't think PSO2 had the same lag issues that NGS has right now because most everything was handled client side due to the heavily instanced nature if everything. But NGS is basically a regular open world MMO. Can't get rid of the hundreds of players roaming around the same zone, so I imagine less of the game is client side now.

The game is still instanced. It's just that it places you on an instance seamlessly as you cross each zone. I wager something is broken server side regardless.

As for me, I cba playing this game as it is rn.

Ship 1, the lag is REALLY bad for me, I'll log out then back in, get a few moments of play then the lag hits. I have to wait sometimes 5 to 10 seconds before my hits register, kind of annoying.

The lag is weird. I'll be off in some distant corner exploring on my own, and still have lag spikes.

But, oh well, not like I've never been through an MMO release before.

Official recognition on the problem. Hope they can fix it before the weekend starts...nothing worse than going into the first weekend of a new game launch and ending up with an unplayable game. 😞

I'm supposed to augment my gear to increase BP, but all can do is sit around areas waiting for mobs to register the fact that they're dead.