Please Add Class-Specific Cutscenes to NGS

The one thing I hated about PSO2 was how my Force would use non-Force weapons and do non-Force things in cutscenes. It's really unimmersive. Could you please replace the Hunter-only cutscenes with class-specific cutscenes that, if they don't have weapon reflection, at least have our characters equipped with class-appropriate weapons?

This, this I agree with. I know it's cheaper to just copy and paste the cutscenes, but it takes away from the experience when my fighter, that's using knuckle based weapons, randomly pulls a sword out of thin air during the scenes.

Yeah, I'm surprised they still didn't change this from base pso2. I thought we wouldn't have to see this happen still in NGS.

I also agree. Just having a simple weapon stance animation for each weapon even if it's reused to death would be better immersion. Or at the least the main weapon of each class. Plus it would be nice to see the weapon -I- have, weapon camo and all!

So it always shows a sword? I wasn't sure since I use a sword.

@Weirdo said in Please Add Class-Specific Cutscenes to NGS:

So it always shows a sword? I wasn't sure since I use a sword.

So far that's all it does in NGS. In PSO2, it depends on where you are in the story, (though notably there's never any use of rods or Force skills). I don't have any swords in my inventory, I used them all for enhancing my rods.

Agreed! This bugged me so much in the original and considering our weapon is already modeled, there's really no reason it shouldn't be or even the default weapon of that type/for that class when they can't, but I REALLY wish they would take our class into effect.

I was so disappointed to see this continue with NGS.

I don't even care if it's my rod somehow slicing into enemies, I just don't want a sword.

I want to see enemies getting sliced with a body pillow.

@Weirdo Personally,I think it would be funny if the weapon would have feathers coming out of it on impact, like those old school feather filled pillows do, during a pillow fight.

Also is there even any way to rewatch the cutscenes?

@Weirdo Not sure. Though I'm sure at some point, the old story quests will be added to an Omni bus type setup, similar to base PSO2.

I think your only option for now is alt characters.

@Weirdo the only way to rewatch cut scenes is to make another character and replay from the beginning

Currently-equipped weapon variations of your character's combat moments in cutscenes would be pretty cool!

Can we also add a way to re-play the cutscenes as well.