Well! Color me shocked in light of numerous problems I've heard of folks trying to get PSO2/NGS updated via Steam, but I have a working install, yes you're reading that right, WINDOWS 7. So far, no issues or problems in running either NGS or vanilla PSO2 in Windows 7 on my machine. (playing NGS was not by choice, you're forced to play some of the story until you reach Central City in order to reach a Ryuker Tower to transfer to PSO2, what a charlie foxtrot that was, more on that later) PSO2 and NGS are truly nearly seamless, the teleporters/Ryuker Towers can take you back and forth between the two.

Heck, it even seems to have solved a mysterious issue with the telepiping in PSO2 I've had since I started playing. For some Win7 users like myself, I would get stuck in a telepipe if I stayed in one area too long beyond 15 mins approximately, that thankfully seems to have been "fixed" either deliberately or inadvertently with the new graphics engine/client. I will continue testing this to confirm this has been fixed with the NGS/graphics update. Thankfully I also seem to have enough CPU/GPU muscle to run at the graphics tier just below the maximum. My system specs are as below if you guys need a baseline, my machine is 5 years old btw(built it myself):

  • AMD Athlon x4 860k quad core @ 4.0 Ghz
  • ASUS Crossblade Ranger ATX FM2+ Motherboard w/
  • G.Skill Sniper Series 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR3-2400 CL11
  • Sapphire Radeon RX 590 Pulse 8GB GDDR5
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Oh yea... Dear SEGA, if you like veteran players returning and wanting to play your fancy new NGS MMORPG, DON'T force them to do a stupid story line quest, it just smacks of irritation and utter near contempt for your players who are already well versed with the game.(and it hasn't changed THAT drastically, apparently, I even still see some of the same Naverius monsters in Halpha in the story line haha) I skipped about 95% of the story line so I could get back to PSO2, maybe LATER I will go through it again after I am "done" with all I wish to accomplish in PSO2, thanks in advance for your understanding.

off soapbox

Bottom line, with all that said above, I think SEGA has done an admirable job in light of their timeframe and what I've seen so far with NGS, I am pleasantly surprised and glad to be proven wrong on my estimates of SEGA's execution. Granted, to me it's still effectively in a "beta state" compared to vanilla PSO2, as alot of classes, content and parts of planet Halpha is still rather absent from it for now. Later once I am done with PSO2's story and I've been through all the classes I want to play with in it, I'll revisit NGS and hopefully more content will be added by then to reassess it's current state.

Good journey, thanks for reading my tripe and see you folks planetside, whatever planet in PSO2/PSO2NGS that ends up being that is... X'D