Recolorable parts of NGS Outfits

Figured I'd make a thread incase anyone else is struggling or can maybe contribute to. Put it here instead of fashion since it sounds like there may eventually be an NGS-specific forum.

Colors listed are the ones in the default coloration from the initial Scratch that can be changed.

Important FYIs
Number Variants (/2, /3, etc.) all have the same color changing options as the default one with it just giving default color variants (to lessen color change pass use), Only the Letter variants that actually vary what specific parts can be colored
Similarly, Body Paints currently seem to take the color of the Inner by default. /B versions stay the color shown and do NOT change to the inner color.
Soldier Line AC Scratch

Cober Vis

  • Cober Vis [Se] - Black part of the Jacket/Boots and Red parts of the jacket/boots. Does not effect the pants.
  • Cober Vis/B [Se] - In addition to the above, the secondary also effects the light accents on the pants.
  • Cober Vis/C [Se] - Changes the lights on the pants and main jacket color only.

Aelio Wardat:

Aelio Valkys:

Miness Lodia:

Items not part of a set

Passionate Spirit SG Scratch

Vent Fortes

Vent Ultmela

Maal Nefaro

Anemos Fiora:

  • Anemos Fiora [Ba] - The black parts that are connected to the red, boots, and shorts can be color-changed along with the red overskirt part.

Maal Natural

  • Maal Natural [Ba] - Colors change the main jacket + pants while the other changes the middle of the jacket and cuffs of the pants.

Much appreciated!

Give me a few moments to screenshot Aelio Valkys/4 [Ba] and Aelio Valkys [In].

Since it takes N-Color Pass, I can't use them for quite a while anyways.

Base version:

pso20210610_184621_009.jpg pso20210610_184611_008.jpg





Aelio Valkys shows off the abs with muscularity. Here it is on full slider:


N-Color pass is such a dick move and no way to get them right now. Why can't we just use the regular color passes? Smh

Thank you for your contribution!!

And yeah, I wish the pasd could just be shared. They aren't sellable so it doesn't effect anything. I have only one and while there are some things I would like to use it on, I'm worried about liking something way more and then not having one 😕


IIRC I had heard that in the closed JP beta there was a way to get these N-passes directly. So it is confusing on why NGS didn't launch with one.

@Knight-Raime I thought it was a direct purchase too, but I'm finding it in the Oracle Renew Bonus Scratch list.

But they do have more goodies.

According to Google Translate:

  • N-Rare drop magnification [24h] + 50% Boost --- 600SG
  • N-Experience points [24h] + 10% Boost --- 250SG
  • N-Additional skill tree transfer --- 100SG


Well at least there is consistency regarding that pass then. But it's still a head scratcher. I can only assume the reason they chose this route was to make other colored variants more popular/force people to pull more.


But while that is a good way to make money, it's very similar to EA.

More specifically that it's inclusion in the Loot Box system exploits the user's wallet for upgraded graphics instead of adding in the PSO2/PSO2NGS mesh toggle options as a free benefit for Premium Service.

So once again, I'm starting to think that Microsoft is calling some shots, because this is a missed opportunity for improvement of the Premium Service options.

SEGA could've had $30 from every player for months worth of equal access upgrades, but instead it went back to a dying cash model.

(Because the FTC is watching... always watching.)

I don't think MS has that level of control over what Sega does. But regardless I do not wish to derail the thread so this is the last i'll say on it.

I don't want to put all my hopes into N-Color Pass being available in the SG Scratch.

Added some new things, Theory does seem really likely which can at least make some stuff easier.

@MasterDarkwingz said in Recolorable parts of NGS Outfits:

I don't want to put all my hopes into N-Color Pass being available in the SG Scratch.

The only bonus for the SG Scratch seems to be a selection ticket at 40 😕

This thread seems pretty useful so I'll post what I have if it's of any help.

Colour 1 has been set to green and colour 2 has been set to pink.

Aelio Wardat/2 [Ba]

alt text

Aelio Wardat/B [Ba]

alt text

Aelio Wardat [In]

Can't really show due to the innerwear preview bug in the salon. alt text

Cober Vis [Se]

alt text

Cober Vis/B [Se]

alt text

Cober Vis/C [Se]

alt text

Maal Natural [Ba]

alt text

Vent Fortes/2 [Ba]

alt text

As far as I can tell, clothing with different numbers in their name just have different default colours, but clothing with a letter in their name have different dye channels.

Thank you for contributing!! 🙂 And yeah, it does seem the numbers are the same, but letters vary-- glad to have my theory confirmed more. I'll make a note of it!

I'll try and upload photos of all my stuff when I get a chance to.

For the posterity's sake I'll add screenshots of all the previously listed outfits. This forum really needs a spoiler tag.

Miness Lodia [Se]

(I have all 4 versions for the sake of comparing colours, but they all look to be the same.)

alt text

Miness Lodia [In]

alt text

Aelio Valkys [Ba]

alt text

Aelio Valkys [In]

alt text

Anemos Fiora/2 [Ba]

alt text

Vent Ultimela [Se]

alt text

Maal Nefaro/2 [Ba]

alt text

Also probably worth mentioning. As far as I can tell body paint will match your innerwear colour. If the paint has a /B variant then the colour on that variant cannot be changed.

Valkys Tights

alt text

Chest Bandages

alt text

Allies Tattoo

alt text

Simple Thigh-Highs

alt text