Advance Capsules d-f spawn rate too low!

Just got through a run. Killed everything but falz. Got 6 F's. I Killed Everying Thing On The Map That Will Spawn. and only got 6 f's. These things take 10 of them, and cost 70k each. Please up the spawn because I do not want to keep playing on VH. The point of unlocking the SVH was to move up, not stay at the same place because I can't get keys to drop.

Please fix this. And the 1.5 sec it takes to heal after hitting the healing button. Really that is just stupid. Any time you heal it is 2.5 sec of not being able to do anything. Not move or anything. 1.5 of that you do not get the HP you are just stuck in a stupid animation. You all have serous input lag for the xbox controller on the xbox. Like .5 sec on healing. That ends up adding way too much time to heal. Forget about healing in a boss fight. You have to hide to heal. That is not fun gameplay.

@Rabid-Kiwi the amount of capsules you get is dependent on the maps and their "mob density".

Because of the lack of mob density, many of the AQ maps are not worth running due to resulting in more capsules spent than gained.

As for the second issue, you should create a second thread for that in Suggestions. Maybe others share the same opinion.

A Rare drop-boost also increases the drop rate of capsules.

Thank you guys for the tips. I will have to adapt my play style I guess. It sucks that I can not play the advance missions because they are not worth the grind to get the keys on the SVHM. You are only missing out on the s rank drops and can push the threat lvl way up.

I just had an Idea. I will farm enough keys to push the threat lvl up to 10 or so. That will add more mobs for more keys. So I will need to do this with three area's. So I only need around 150 of the a b and c keys each. That should only take about ten hours or so of grinding.

Thanks again for the help guys.

@Rabid-Kiwi what I did was just use my alliance points to buy 50 of each capsule (D, E, F).

I started at City Area, put the risk up to 40 then went to Ruins, then Nightfall (I think it was nightfall, that or daybreak, whichever takes F caps).

SH AQ bosses on +40 - 50 risk do tremendously damage, though. So be prepared.

@John-Paul-RAGE I had no idea you could use your APoints. I guess that is what that AP points are? I am guessing that is the Allance shop huh lolz. So much to learn so little time.

Thanks for the tips!


No joy I have to wait 7 days so that is three more days..... Really? You think they would remove that limitation for the 1st month of launch. But I guess that is just me.... :(.

So back to the ten hour grind I guess. ( I really wish they put more thought into the xbox launch, just porting a 8 year old game with all the time restrictions is not really end user agreeable. )