[PSO2 NGS] Type 2 Character Model issue or character setup model issue?

So I got myself Miness Lodia [Se] https://cdn.pso2.com/ngs/cms/editor-editor-ss05-66402.jpg

But, my skirt looks fluffy than tight. pso2NGskirt.png

It should been a converted to NGS Model; when transferring my character to new model. Is this a NGS model bug or a character setup model issue? Does anyone else has examples of this issue?

If it is a user character setup issue? What opinions in the salon could fix the problem?

It's not a bug, the skirt 'fluffy' is because your character, like a lot others outifits, you waist thighs determine it, why skirts like that only look good on lolis.

@Mirielle I'm not sure my waist is very wide? Also, there two NPCs Central's gates that is wearing the same outfits. One is same model as in showcase and the other slight larger woman with a fluffy skirt as well. I was suggest that other setting cause fluffy than just waist settings.

i did a checking and legs too other then waist change how the dross looks, i do have myself the Miness Lodia/3 [Se] so i did try change these setting., in the end this dress only look good on kids/slim builds like the character it was showcased, same as other type of dresses like these.