game audio bug

hello i have audio for mostly everything, cutscenes, music, etc.. but my own characters voice and attacks are silent. This makes it very disengaging to play cause i can barley tell when I'm landing my shots.... anyone know how to fix this? tried everything.

I have the same issue. Many random sound effects don't play at all. Enemies are all silent. Some class skills/techniques don't have any sound.

I tried reinstalling the game and checked for missing game files. Neither worked. Not sure what to do.

EDIT: I realized what seems to be causing the issue. The surround sound seems to be messed up somehow in the PSO2 settings. I have surround sound set to "OFF" but the game is still trying to do it anyway.

I was able to workaround this by enabling "Spatial Sound" setting in my Speakers properties in Windows 10.