FIXED: Can't launch any character - Error Code 2000

On Ship 1: Feoh with ALL 3 of my characters I can only "try" to log into PSO2:NG for first time (can't go into PSO2 original) I get the following experience:

  • Click Character -> receive 4 prompts about the NG update, then I can select finally "start Game (PSO2:NG)" --- Start Game: PSO2 is Greyed out and inaccessible.

Next ... I am prompted for Character Customization, I make no changes/skip, select Class, then when I Confirm I get this error:


An error occurred in the appearance editing data

Error Code [2000]


I don't feel like stripping all cosmetics off my characters at this time (that preview correctly?) but as-is, PSO2 is now unplayable, as is PSO2:NG... help? (EDIT: I should also note I have no free character slots to try and go around with a fresh character on another ship or current ... pay to play now for me?)

Fixed (I oops'd)

Thought I had latest Nvidia Drivers, I was wrong -- Updated to latest 'game ready' drivers and I am able to get in now it seems

😞 It doesn't seem to work that way for me

Unregister your character in your lookbook and you can edit it in salon without error code