Xbox Series X Party - Friend's on PC (Help)

Hello, We have added each other in game, and can see each other online, However the option to join each others party is greyed out no matter what we try. I'm on Series X and he is on PC. Im able to right click people in my local area and offer them party invites, but not my friend, we are standing in the same spot, chose the same ship, but we cant see each other at all to be able to join party together. Could anyone help explain how to party up with my buddy? One again, im on Series X and he is on PC. We are at the part of the main quest to leave central city to find a "Cocoon".

you need to be in the same block too if not you can't invite someone from your friend list and being in a console or pc changes nothing when everyone shares the same server.

@Jamesmor What is the same "Block" and how do we check that out?

@Evil-Hakik block is the alocation that the server separates players, you can check the block you are in the teleporting points that also allow to change the block

@Evil-Hakik Just in case you didn't meet up, the place you transfer blocks in NGS is called the "Ryuker Device" which also allows you to fast travel around the map. My memory is that you unlock the ability to access them soon after the first cocoon so you and your friend may just need to progress the main story a bit. There's 1 Ryuker Device in Central City near the South exit, iirc.

As for what "blocks" are, that feels harder to explain in NGS. In base PSO2 you'd change blocks via elevators on the main ship so you could think of it as going to a different floor on the ship and you and your friend would have to be in the same floor to party up. In NGS you could think of it as accessing different versions of Halpha in parallel universes or something like that XD

@Evil-Hakik Your friends list tells you what block your friends are on. If a specific friend you are looking for is on say, block 15, then move to that block. If they are however on a base PSO2 block, and not an NGS one, it tell you as much. Same goes for the other way around.