Salon / Class Counter bug

A majority of the time when I try to access the salon or class counter, pso “stops responding.” The screen freezes, but the music continues and I can hear my cursor moving over menu items.

Has anyone had this issue? Is there a fix?

I'm getting the same issue, it makes it so hard to edit anything because it just simple stop working without any warning and no error code. Even just doing 1 quick edit can trigger this issue which forces the player to close the game each time. Pretty annoying, I can't edit my character at this rate.

It seems there's other people with a "disconnect" issue in the Salon which I think it's the same as this and they are dating from 2020. It would be nice if they fixed it, it's been a recurrent issue with users. There's no way I'll put money on something I can't even equip on my character...

This happens to me as well. To add to this, the game also crashes when previewing certain items in the scratch prize list. For example the NGS hairs.

meh I was expecting some form of fix in the last update but they don't seem to care about the salon. Heck dealing with important issue in a forum like this just shows they aren't giving much damn about bug fixing or else they would be using a direct line to a helpdesk like other compagnies are doing.

So when is the salon going to get fixed? When will someone that can fix this start updating people on the issue? Don't they understand that their whole business model depends on it working? Why would I give money for cosmetics if I can't even equip it? Feels like this issue should be quite important.

The issue described here also happens while just 'playing'. So it's not isolated to just the salon. My alliance members have expressed the same issues. The screen freezes randomly while exploring/fighting/afking and we can still hear menus/character movement/ music/sound fx.

Me it's only in the salon, I've only crashed once outside of it but when editing in the salon it's 100% crash. The only other time I crashed was during a UQ with the alliance members. Anyway it's doesn't change that nobody of importance at SEGA is answer any of the queries... This forum is lame for a support service, there's litteraly nobody to look into the issues mentionned here. I don't hear any sounds or menu when it happens, the exe is not responding at all and I have to force close it each time. It's impossible to edit my character atm so everything I'm unlocking with their gambling is not worth anything so there's no way I would want to give money for it...