Bought AC on Steam for 500 AC, but I didn't get anything after paying.

Check the steam balance, maybe the purchase was not completed? (That happened to me)


As others mentioned, the first time you purchase AC from Steam it takes 24 hours (seems a little longer for some people. I think my first purchase took almost 48 hours). After that, your purchases should become instant and no more waiting. Also you have to load your steam account with funds and then purchase the game items from the pre-loaded money you have with Steam. If for some reason it is just letting you purchase an item directly (without having funds in steam already) then that could be an issue.

i already price 24hrs ago still NOTING ....Only can wait ....

I bought AC on the 9th and still haven't gotten it. I just put in a chargeback with paypal since Sega isn't answering any support tickets.

48+ hours and still missing (2) different purchases of 500 AC/each through Steam. Hope this gets resolved soon.


Always check and make sure your bank or credit provider did not withhold the purchase, lots of providers do this for digital purchases, assuming that it was a fraudulent purchase against your account.

So plz check if your bank/ credit providers cleared the transaction!