■ Short Summary: When significant lag/etc. occurs when zoning in, the PSE Meter/Gauge is disabled for Combat Zones.

■ Time of Occurrence

Any Time

■ How often can it be reproduced?


■ Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have significant lag on the server.
  2. Teleport / enter a Combat Zone

■ Description:

The game will not show the PSE Meter/Gauge when zoning in during significant amounts of lag or when the server is having trouble handling the amount of players it has received. This can (but not always) be fixed by exiting and re-entering the area when no lag occurs. The meter/gauge will stay disabled for the entirety of the stay in the combat zone. This is only a visual effect, and the sound effect for the PSE level increasing and decreasing will still play.

alt text

I would recommend the developers fix this by either forcing the PSE Gauge/Meter to refresh when a PSE Burst Climax Finishes, or when the gauge/meter empties completely.