Piloting the ultimate defense failure

Tried it at level Chartered level 57 With that would most likely be only around 300 and something upgraded since I took it from an early weapon in the game I got it did not go so well oddly enough I feet good that it didn't go so well

Can I ask some my characters invisible when I need Genesis update come in from the previous area of the game and it's a black screen when I try to use it I don't mod or anything I'm playing on Xbox One so after a cut scenes in the Genesis area beginning it goes black screen in the selection option of the game my character shows up invisible character skip that part because he was already created from the previous version of the game is there anywhere to fix the invisible character issue I think that's the reason why is it a black screen because I tried that with a few or the character created after that there was no black screen but with my original character there was but I don't really want to play with the original characters this is jest my preference