A feature that is still present in PSO2 itself, and was even in the CBT as well, is now seemingly absent from NGS's launch for some reason despite having no technical problems with it. Unfortunately I never thought to make a screenshot of it in action at the time.

Regardless, the button to toggle list/grid view is still present within a developer screenshot from the in-game help section... 1a335c0e-ae83-49ff-987d-ff4936c353ab-image.png

...but does not appear within the actual inventory or storage menus. cd43642c-4ae7-460a-8759-ba257d7e71c8-image.png

It's a curious omission when I'd consider that the grid view from the NGS CBT was nicer than PSO2's iteration, especially as the inventory can also blow up very fast in this game with grind fodder. Even if the window can't be resized wider, it's still a lot more elegant for scanning over bulk items than the list view and I'm sure my 200+ CAST parts agree.