NGS Endless loading screen after character selection

It looks great at first and I was hyped about it. I spent a few hours on creating my character and hit play game using that character. But then the loading screen starts and continues on for hours. Can someone please help. It’s not a internet or computer problem. Internet is 5G WiFi 6, computer is a fine MSI gaming laptop. Tysm! (Playing on steam)

Tried to fix by: Reinstalling steam and pso2 /Restarting computer /Turning off real time protection in windows /Updating and validating files --- None worked

Screenshot (4).png

Anyone plz help!

@XTrollBroX its not your ethernet or anything but Sega of NA mess up big time. when Sega of NA release CTB to public for PSO2 NGS. There so many problem with the game and they did had tiny bit lag spike but was not that bad, now we facing new problem and we dont know when they gonna fix the problem, while in JP server is running at 100% with no lag and no problem. until Sega of NA fix there issue I guess we ALL have to wait until they fix with there server issue. all this was huge problem when they screw up with the maintiness there time zone on 3:22 am on June 9. We know they had so mush issue now that your gonna have to wait until they fix everything

Thanks for the reply, but while my friends get to log in to the game and play, I wasn't even able to log in. Im stuck in the loding screen forever.